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Touché Amoré: The Power In Pain


Californian post-hardcore unit Touché Amoré have graced our ears with their melodic feels tunes since way back in 2007. Their most recent record is Stage Four – an effort that’s as powerful as it is personal. We sat down with frontman Jeremy Bolm to discuss the production of the new album and when Australia can expect to see more of them!

You just released your new album Stage Four. What was the writing and recording process like behind the album?
Pretty standard! We took a little more time than we had in the past with writing the record, and were we on and off for close to a year to really work on it. We were in the studio for about three weeks or so, whereas in the past we had been in there for exactly two weeks.

Besides time, was there any way it differed from previous releases?
No, not necessarily. We’ve all kind of worked on the same routine – it’s the usual story where someone has an idea, and then brings it to practice and we go over it and pick it apart. Then it’ll turn into a song, and i’ll go to write the lyrics over it after.

In your opinion, what was some of the more memorable or defining moments throughout this process?
To be honest, I guess ’cause there’s singing elements on the record, as opposed to just screaming – I think working with Brad Wood [producer] a little more closely on that was probably the only thing that stood out as a true defining moment, compared to other times in the past.

You were in a pretty serious car accident earlier this year. Did that impact any of the writing or recording stages?
Yeah, I was coming home from band practice when it happened, actually. I mean, thankfully I wasn’t injured, and neither were the people involved, so it didn’t necessarily stop the process. But it was a scary incident. It made its way into lyrics on the record, but besides from that, it didn’t stop us working.

touche amore quoteIs there a particular song on the new record that you connect with more so?
All of the songs are so deeply personal and they all have different meanings to me. Whether that be a song about my mother’s life and growing up, or a song about my brother and I driving cross-country to bury her ashes, or getting the call that she passed away while I was performing across the country. But… Yeah.

I think you definitely have a strong bond with your fanbase. How have they reacted to the album so far?
It’s been an incredibly positive response, which is always nice! I try my best to not pay attention to the negative things, but I haven’t really experienced too much of that. It’s been overwhelmingly positive and I’m incredibly thankful.

Who created your album art and what was the concept behind it?
Our guitar player, Nick – who has done all our album art in the past – did the layout, and then our friend Ryan came out to the house I was raised in and took photos – before I had to clear it out after my mums passing. Then, we went in and shot the same photos, so it was basically a collage of the before and after. It’s a pretty heavy thing to look at, once you get the idea.

What can your fans expect next from you?
The usual! A whole lot of touring [laughs].

So your Australian fans can hope to see you guys out here in the future?
I hope we make it over there! I think there’s talk of trying to get out there around May or June, but I don’t know if that’s for sure.

If you could say one thing to your fans, what would it be?
Thank you! Thank you for listening to us, and I appreciate your time.

Stage Four out now
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