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Storm The Sky Go Vinyl Hunting At Utopia Records

In case you missed it, Storm The Sky just dropped Sin Will Find You – one of the best bloody albums of the year. To celebrate its release last Friday, the Melbourne squad dropped into Sydney’s Utopia Records to hang out with fans, play an acoustic mini-show and go vinyl hunting with us! Check out what the boys had to say about their stellar picks below.

Words: Peyton Bernhardt | Photos: Britt Andrews | Paul: Majestic

Will: David Bowie – Blackstar


“So Blackstar is David Bowie’s last album he released after he died, and I just think it’s fucking amazing. Like he literally made an album for his death. And there’s songs on it that Kanye could put out. It’s weird.

I’ve always loved David Bowie – like, always. Mum got me into everything that was cool when I was young, so. But you can’t really have a favourite Bowie album, because it’s like a different singer every album.”

The Divinyls – Monkey Grip (Soundtrack)


“This was just thrust upon me. This is music by the Divinyls, the singer was a friend of Mum’s before she passed, but it’s from a movie Mum was in, called Monkey Grip. I haven’t actually seen it because there’s a hectic sex scene so that’s kinda weird. But apparently it’s an amazing movie. She was younger than me when she did it. But, yeah, so ‘Only You’. That’s kind of where I got ‘Only One’ from.”

Queen – We Will Rock You [The Rick Rubin ‘Ruined’ Remix]

Storm The Sky-7784

“I just found this, I didn’t know it existed. But it’s Queen in Rick Rubin’s studio playing with Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers on bass and Chad Smith on drums. So Chad Smith and Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing with Queen, two songs, mixed by Rick Ruben. I didn’t even know it existed but I kind of want it now”.

Andy: The Birthday Party – Prayers On Fire

Storm The Sky-7848

“So I picked The Birthday Party, Prayers On Fire. Pretty much one of my most influential guitarists of all time, Rowland Howard, was in this band with Nick Cave, who I also love. But yeah, this record is just incredible. It evokes emotion in me that not many records have in the past. Like it’s just so dirty and noisy and angry, his guitar playing, not so much his sound. Obviously I don’t wanna rip off Rowland’s guitar sound, but it’s more his attitude towards playing the guitar that I love. Lots of noise, like you can hear him, as opposed to just the sound on face value.”

Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love


“It’s not like my favourite record or anything, but I just saw it and I’ve been listening to it heaps lately actually, this Kate Bush record Hounds Of Love. I think it’s an incredible pop record, especially for its time, when other pop records were pretty repetitive. She was always thinking outside the box. She was doing everything herself, as well. Just the concepts and everything…’Running Up That Hill’ is just such an amazing pop song.”

Alex: Brand New – The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me


“I picked The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me by Brand New, one of my favourite all time records by far. I think it’s definitely one of those records I got into a bit after I was already into heavier music and more like, metally kind of music, which really showed to me how much emotion or how much passion you can put into a simple tune or a simple riff or idea to get a message across. You don’t need to have complexity all the time to create dynamics, which is something we’ve brought into our new album, definitely. Which is another reason why I chose it also, because I’ve actually been looking for it for like the last two years and it was just staring at me from the shelf there. I couldn’t say no to be honest”.

Lachlan: AC/DC – Highway To Hell

Storm The Sky-7754

“I guess this album, the old AC/DC Highway To Hell, was definitely one when I was a kid growing up playing guitar that I would just play so much and learn AC/DC. Angus is pretty much my hero, so yeah, I guess that’s why I picked this one. It’s just a cracking album, you can listen to it now these days and it’s still relevant, it still sounds really good.”

Benny: Bring Me The Horizon – Suicide Season


“I chose Bring Me The Horizon’s Suicide Season because it was around the time it was like one of the first live shows that I ever went to. It absolutely blew me away at the time which is what pretty much got me into heavy music, which is what got me into playing in bands in the first place, the first couple of bands. At the time, it was just a phenomenal experience, crazy music, they’ve always been ahead of their time and every album they write it ahead of the time. They keep setting trends and keep doing what they need to do. They’re killing it.

I love their new direction. I think as somebody that maybe even grew up with the band, growing up with their new direction as well has also helped me and the rest of the band mature in what we listen to and what we like as well. So we all love everything they’ve done as it’s gone. So they’ve matured and found their sound and we’ve done the same thing with what we listen to and what we write as well, so it’s a very cool experience.”

Soundtrack your flip through the gallery above with a full stream of Sin Will Find You below!

Sin Will Find You is out now via UNFD.
Grab a copy: JB HiFiiTunes Webstore | Utopia


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Tue Aug 16th – Eatons Hill, Brisbane (AA)
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