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Marmozets: Everything’s Just Wonderful

Rock’n’roll is in the family business for Marmozets – and business is good. As their debut LP arrives in Australia, vocalist Becca McIntyre talks BLUNT through your new favourite band.


Family bands have been a prominent aspect of popular music from as far back as history can reach – the Everlys to the Pointers, Jonas to Hanson and back again. Marmozets take it even further – across two different families, every member of the band is related to another. Three of the band are the siblings McIntyre, while the remaining two are from the Bottomley family. Together, they form one of the most promising young bands in British rock music – and their origin story, clearly, differs greatly from their contemporaries.

“Music was always there,” explains lead vocalist Becca of life growing up in the McIntyre residence. “It was always a happy environment for us growing up – we always felt really free. Mum and dad were always singing and always playing records around the house. We always used to write little songs all the time when we were little kids, even when we didn’t know how to play any instruments. Once we got given a guitar, that was all that we needed to get us started. My brothers, especially, would always run around the house pretending to be rock stars. When they were growing up, they used to geek out over all these bands – they knew all these things about every riff to every song. Josh [drums] always knew that playing music was something that he always wanted to do. When we met the Bottomleys, we all loved the same things and we kind of became our own little family.”

Despite the unique nature of the band’s connectivity and origins, McIntyre insists that the band approach the creative process the same way as any other band would.

“It’s really as simple as someone coming in with a guitar or a melody and showing it to the rest of us,” she offers. “It might take us half an hour to have a complete song; other times it might be hours. There’s even been times where it’s taken a few days before it all suddenly clicks and we’re all like, ‘That’s it! That’s the one!’”

After humble beginnings in 2007, Marmozets have been working towards their debut LP for quite an extended period of time – “We wrote about 25 songs for this thing,” says McIntyre at one point – and they have finally reached their do-or-die moment. The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets is an album that sounds as though it could fall to pieces at any second, such is its edge and vigour. According to the singer, it gets even better once you’ve seen them play them in front of you.

“I think they’ve come alive,” she says of the songs from Weird And Wonderful translating into a live setting. “It’s an amazing thing to go out and connect with people who know these songs – especially those that are connecting with the songs because they know where they’re coming from and why we wrote them. I just get this feeling that we really understand each other.”

As we speak to McIntyre, she and her bandmates are travelling through Europe on a bus as part of an extensive tour in support of Weird And Wonderful. It’s all a remarkable thing for the vocalist, a small-town girl with dreams far bigger than herself.

“There are some times where I’ve wondered if this band would ever leave Bingley,” she confesses, referring to the band’s hometown in West Yorkshire. “The fact that we get to travel around now to all of these incredible places with people that know our songs and want to see us… It’s all come true. It’s just amazing.”


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