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King Parrot: Birds Of A Feather

One of Australia’s most dangerous live bands, Melbourne’s King Parrot are ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting masses. BUNT pulls their hands away from vocalist Matt Young for fear of being violently pecked at.

The Congregation of Atreyu

Among the standouts of last year’s Bastardfest tour were Melburnians King Parrot. At the Sydney leg, vocalist Matt Young manically ran amok throughout the venue; ably supported in the crazed energy stakes by his bandmates. The thrashed-up grinders didn’t care who ventured in their way – fans and photographers included. When quizzes Young – far more laid-back than his on-stage demeanour suggests – about the show, he chuckles. “I remember getting in a lot of trouble because I tipped a bucket of ice over my head. After the show I found out there were a couple of Hells Angels that sort of had something to do with the venue, standing up the back, waiting to beat the shit out of us,” he laughs. “We take a little time before the show just to get into that headspace and try and fire up a little. When the shows go on it’s just about putting as much energy and intensity into the performance as possible, so people won’t get bored. We want to put on a show that’s visually entertaining, as well as having really awesome, heavy music.”

That day, the frontman had a slightly disconcerting look in his eyes, punters scattering to avoid the carnage. “I guess some people take it personally, and they have before, ‘cos there’s been several occasions at some of our gigs where people have wanted to fight me,” he reveals. “I’m not getting up on-stage and trying to pick fights with anyone, but sure, I’ll jump into the crowd, push people around, try and get people involved. I’d like to think that most people wouldn’t take that personally or take it as a physical, personal attack on them. But some people seem to,” he laughs. “I can’t control what they do or think; I can just control what I do. We want people to have a good mosh, a good time and enjoy the show. That’s our objective – to make people laugh, push each other around and have a good rocking, metal time,” he adds, laughing again.

Since the release of their debut LP Bite Your Head Off last year, King Parrot have built their success (recently inking an international deal with Candlelight Records, playing in Indonesia and investigatingEuropean tour offers) on their frenetic performances. They’ll attempt to bridge some gaps within the heavy music realm as part of the monstrous Thy Art Is Murder/Cattle Decapitation run.

“In the last probably five or ten years, there seems to be a lot of segregation with old school stuff and new school stuff,” Young ponders. “This is a good opportunity just to bring it all together. There’s been a whole lot of carry-on about it online, but we don’t concern ourselves with that too much. We’re just happy to be part of it. I think this Thy Art Is Murder tour is going to open us up to a whole new scene of people. We’ve already won over a lot of the old school crowd, and I guess the members of King Parrot are all from the older school, ‘90s/early 2000s metal scene. We’re really grateful that we’ve been able to have a band that pays respect to that sound and style. But doing it in a new, innovative way and just trying to reinvent the wheel I guess, while staying true to our old school roots.”

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