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Kids In Glass Houses: On The Record

On The Record with Aled Phillips and Ian Mahanty of Kids In Glass Houses.

Kids In Glass Houses

What was the first album or single you ever bought with your own money?
Aled Phillips: I bought the single “Wonderwall” by Oasis. I got it at a place called Boots in Cardiff, which is more known for selling over-the-counter medication, but they also do birthday cards and CDs and I bought it for 1.95 pounds. I had only just gotten a CD player so it was the first thing I owned. Pretty cool.
Iain Mahanty: Dookie by Green Day. I think I was nine at the time and my nan gave me the money. I bought it in Woolworths, but she actually had to be the one to buy it for me because of the “Parental Guidance” sticker on the front.

What one album changed your life more than
any other?
Phillips: I’d say Glassjaw’s album Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence because at that time I was a bit of a boot-cut jeans rock nerd…
Mahanty: … Arsehole.
Phillips: A complete clueless fuck and that was what switched me onto hardcore and the heavier side of punk rock. It made me want to be a singer in a band rather than a guitarist. It completely flipped my understanding of music and what I was into and I’ve loved them ever since.
Mahanty: There’s loads, and with different periods of your life it changes. I’m going to go back to the first one: Bad by Michael Jackson because that’s the reason I like music.

What is one album or song that reminds you of
your childhood?
Mahanty: “Live Forever” by Oasis. That song is the reason I wanted to play guitar and write rock music. It’s another one of them life changing moments, innit?
Phillips: It would oddly enough be something off Bad because that was the only cassette I remember having when I was three and I just played that all the time. 

What album instantly puts you in a good mood?
Phillips: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry always puts me in pretty fucking good mood.

Is it Katy Perry or the songs?
Phillips: It’s a bit of both. If you’ve got the videos to go with it, it’s pretty good: let’s go with a YouTube video playlist of Katy Perry.

What is one obscure album in your collection that everyone should know about?
Mahanty: Bruce Willis’ Motown covers album [The Return Of Bruno]. I found it in a charity shop about two years ago and it’s just Motown covers. It came out in the late ‘80s and it’s fucking bizarre.
Phillips: The Aladdin soundtrack. For some reason I have the entire soundtrack and I know all the words. Get me drunk and I’ll serenade you with the “Prince Ali”.

Fabulous he…
Phillips: Ali Ababwa. Strong as 10 regular men definitely [laughs]. It’s so good.

What do you consider to be the most embarrassing album in your collection?
Phillips: I also have the Titanic soundtrack. It’s not even a real copy of it. My dad went into work one Christmas and he was like, “This guy has given me a list of CDs he can get.” I think it was like the advent of the CD burner and I was like, “Oh, I’ll take the Titanic soundtrack.” So it’s a cheap, shit copy. It’s a lot of Celtic music. It’s good if you want to have a bath with some nice candles.

What is the ultimate house-trashing party album?
Mahanty: I’d say the Cross album by Justice. Either that or Andrew W.K.’s I Get Wet. That album was made for trashing houses. That was his only agenda.
Phillips: Every song is exactly the same – Puke! Party! Fuck it! Yay! Isn’t that the best chorus ever? “She is beautiful/She is beautiful”.
Mahanty: Let’s sing the same line eight times.
Phillips: “When it’s time to party we will party hard/Party hard/Party hard.”

What’s the last album you got a hold of?
Mahanty: The new M.I.A record and I really like it [laughs]. Four K!s

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