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Interview: JJ Peters of Deez Nuts

Deez Nuts

During some off-time on their Slovenian adventure for this year’s Punk Rock Holiday, we caught up with Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters.

You guys have been in Europe for quite a while now, what are some of the highlights?
Its kinda blurry at this point – it’s been the better part of three months for me. I was in Europe with family and then we did a five-week leg, had three weeks off and now we’re on the second leg. So it gets a bit blurred along the way. I would say some of the standouts were right at the start of the first leg – Greenfield and Nova Rock – which we did with Amity – were really awesome.

Greenfield is amazing…
Greenfield is cool. Just the location alone is mind blowing. I mean, when you rock up and there’s hills surrounding you and shit, its very cool, aesthetically speaking. There’s been a bunch of cool club shows. On this run, we played Wacken Festival for the first time, and that was just like ticking the box, man. It claims to be the biggest metal festival in the world – I don’t know if that is factual or not, but it’s definitely very, very big. So that was cool, just to be invited in the first place. Playing was awesome.

Do you run into many Aussie bands overseas?
We did a short run and a few festivals with Amity and Thy Art, which was awesome. I mean, it’s great whenever you get to hang out with mates from back home at festivals. There was also a little pocket there in the middle – Sweden, Austria and Germany – some side-shows with Amity as a package; that was really cool. It was great to get away from the festivals and have a tight-knit package – get into some sort of routine and hang out with familiar faces. We’ve bumped into a few other people, but as I mentioned, it starts to get a bit blurry.


“In December, we’ll be recording in Boston with Andrew [Neufeld, vocals] from Comeback Kid.”


This is my second time in Europe doing festivals and I’m amazed at just how high the Aussie bands are billing. Parkway are headlining Rockstadt and Amity are everywhere for example.
Yeah, Parkway have been smashing it out here for as long as I can remember. But obviously, it grows and grows for them. It never surprises me to see them headline the bigger festivals. Even on more mainstream festivals, they are very high up there, which is cool for everyone from Australia because it forges a path for us to get in the door.

And then you’ve got bands like Airbourne, that aren’t really…
Doing much at home but they’re killing it out here. We did Greenfield with them a few years ago, and we’ve hung out with them a few times since – they’re a really good group. I can’t speak on their behalf, but it seems they have a grapple with the fact that they’re not getting much attention back home but killing it over here. We’re kind of in the same boat. I mean, Australia is not bad for us, but its not like it is out here. Europe seems to be a more loyal and a more consistent fanbase, at least for us and a few other bands we’ve been on tour with. It seems that if you put the work in over here – if you have a strong fanbase from the early days – it continues to grow and the same people will be there nine years down the line. Whereas, in other parts of the world, it seems a little more like people are looking for the next thing. “I’ve seen them a bunch of times, fuck that.” In Europe, they’re like, “I’ve seen them a bunch of times! Can’t wait to see them next year!”

So what’s next for you guys?
The rest of this year is not super packed. We have the rest of this Europe run, and then straight after we have South East Asia. At the end of the year, we will be in New York for a month writing the new album, and then in December, we’ll be recording in Boston with Andrew [Neufeld, vocals] from Comeback Kid. Pretty much exactly the same formula as the last album.

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