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House VS Hurricane: Crooked Teeth Track By Track

House VS Hurricane’s long awaited second album, Crooked Teeth, drops this Friday so we got some of the boys to tell us all about it with a track by track breakdown! No, not that kind…

House VS Hurricane

Personnel: Dan Casey (vocals); Ryan McLerie (guitar, vocals); Chris Shaw (guitar); Dylan Stark (bass); Sam Osborne (drums).
Website: http://www.facebook.com/housevshurricane

1. 40 DEEP

“We’re all prisoners of society, lets revolt
Tear up the mansions, break down the walls
Tear up the pages on societies rules
Tear up the mansions, break down the walls
Tear up the pages on societies rules”

Dan Casey: A track that was heavily inspired by world events that occurred not long before it was written. I, alongside most people in western society, seemed to be captivated by the London riots. The fact that people can band together for a cause is something that appeals to me. In saying this, I’m not going to go out and join a non peaceful riot and loot the balls out of my favourite shops, but it had me moved by the thought that people can invest everything they have into a cause they believe in.

This led to me thinking about my personal life and the beliefs that I have and the morals that I stand by and it made me want to rage against the machine so to speak and fill what seems like a world covered in hate and negativity, with exactly the opposite. Basically we can choose whether or not we can be held captive by what the world wants us to be captured by, or we can live the life that we wholeheartedly believe in and enjoy. Tear up everything you’ve learnt to follow your heart.

Ryan McLerie: This song was pretty much all Dan, as one of the last songs we finished vocally for the album. We wrote it in a day, I think. I had a melody for the chorus then Dan I sat down after going through the lyrics and wrote the chorus lyrics together. We wrote it in about four minutes and we’re stoked with it.


“What will I say to convince you
That the strength of the wolf is the pack
And the strength of the pack is in the wolf”

McLerie: “Blood Knuckles” is a call to arms for all the people that are willing to fight for love. It’s something we value, it’s something that we fight for and in this song we illustrate it as an actual fight, an actual war. Something you can stand behind and fight for. There’s not much left to fight for in this hollow world but love.

Chris Shaw: I remember writing this song on a rainy Melbourne day, I started with the post-chorus/outro riff that I had written several months before and built off it. Everything seemed to just come together, and I loved the song so much that I didn’t even send it around before demoing it. Dan came down five days later, tracked vocals to it and the song was pretty much done. It definitely was the quickest song to come together for this album; everything about it just fell into place and worked.


“I hope that you find
The pieces of everything you’ve left behind
Cause I know that you wanted
You wanted so much more
So much more than you’ve settled for

There’s so much more
There’s so much more for you
You’ve settled for less
You’ve settled for less than you”

Casey: The first song written vocally for the album. We actually re-worked a lot of this in the studio and even with the standard Alberto’s Pizzeria breaks we were able to finish the song extremely happy with the finished product.

McLerie: The lyrics I wrote for this song were about a certain person in my life whom I knew deserved better than they had been left with. Direction in life is about choices, and choices alone. And at the end of the day, the earth will bury us all.


Shaw: This song was written just before Dicker left the band. This is another song that just seemed to fall into place for me, and was an early favourite of everyone in the band. Ryan had the melody for this almost straight away, and it was the first time we had used melodic gang vocals in a song. So it was something different we were all psyched on. I think this song is one of the most reminiscent of older HVH, and bridges the transitional gap between albums really well.

McLerie: At the time I wrote this I was feeling trapped in my circumstances. Nothing in particular, just generally hung up on things and couldn’t see a way out. Things changed for me after writing this, kind of felt like some sort of therapy, although it’s only three lines [laughs].


“The sun will speak your name to the moon
And the stars will shine
Don’t you let that go
Don’t deny yourself

The sun will speak your name to the moon
And the stars will shine
Don’t you ever let that go
Just hold out till the stars align”

Casey: This song kinda came at a weird point of my life where I knew I felt something strong inside, but didn’t really know what it was. Weird to explain, but honest. The lyrics not only refer to you, but they also refer to the person you know that lacks hope, lacks confidence and needs love – a recurring theme of this album.


“As far as I can see there’s nothing here for me
Nothing that I can be shown
These days I feel like I’m just running out of time
Cause I can’t do this all alone”

Casey: “Head Cold” definitely came out as one of my favourites on the album.

McLerie: I was in a similar place writing this as I was with “Lost World”. I think it pretty self explanatory and Dan tied in some really cool ideas with lyrics.


“I’ve got love
That’s all that I need
I’ve found peace to put this feeble heart at ease”

Casey: Love is definitely a recurring theme of this album; “All We Need” definitely follows this. If love is all we have to share with the world then that’s all we ever need, nothing else matters. The way you treat those around you and who you encounter throughout your love then you will make the world a better place.


Casey: Sometimes it seems like you get caught up in a mundane, boring and repetitive life. As much as you are aware of this and do all you can to change, it still feels like all your efforts are not making a difference. “Dead Lizard” describes how our lives are our own and if we feel caught up in something we don’t wanna be apart of, make a change. Dream big, think positive, don’t pay attention to haters and follow your heart. Let’s revolt against the idea that life is mundane.


“No matter what your circumstances
No matter who you are
Everyone deserves second chances
Think twice before you say goodbye
We’ve all had our chance to see the light
Think twice before you say goodbye?”

“This is your chance to fight for the hacks, the rejects and the pigs”

McLerie: Everyone makes mistakes, everyone does things they shouldn’t have. This song is about giving people a second chance, looking past the temporary decision and seeing the person behind it. We’ve all been outcasts at some point or another and we are more than happy to be the voice for them.

Shaw: The dark horse of the album. This was everyone’s least favourite song going into recording that had been written. I had faith in it and knew once vocals were there it would become what it is today. Once we had laid down the pre-production for it and saw Machine ‘90s dancing to the song, running around the room screaming at the top of his lungs, the attitude towards the song quickly changed. It ended up becoming a single and one of the band’s favourite tracks. The energy in the song and the southern style riffs are fairly different to old House VS Hurricane, and that’s why I enjoy it so much.


“I believe in a world where peace is not a slogan but a reality
Where the basis of our existence is not rely on the trends set by those before us
I believe in a world where people are not judged by the clothes they wear or the music they listen to but by the content of their character

Part with your hate, return to your youth
When all else fails, return to your youth.”

Casey: Positivity is definitely a rare thing in the world we live in today. Everyone’s hating something. But the odd thing is, the people who hate on everything look for things that people hate and love it. To me it seems that people are lost, don’t know what they actually believe in and what they like. While a completely normal thing, why look for faults in everything around you instead of looking within yourself and find that stability that every person in the world possesses? “Haters Gonna Hate” is about being yourself and not relying on the trends set by those before us and around us. Lose all self-doubt and be yourself because everyone is worth something. Part with your hate, return to your youth. That child that exists in everyone. Love and live your own life.


“Lost in a cloud of my own doubt
I know that I’ll lose what I can’t live without”

McLerie: The first time I showed this song to someone I was actually nervous because they are the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s a story, a sneak peak inside my head. A place I won’t delve too far into too often because I’m scared of it, luckily this song just came out of me.

Crooked Teeth

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