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Hellions: The Road To Skydancer



The Skydancer Regional Tour featuring In Hearts Wake, Hand Of Mercy and Hellions hits the road this week, so we decided to jump in the van and get the lowdown on tour life with the stars of the show. Next in this three part series we’ve got Anthony Caruso from Hellions pondering who the van phantom farter is…

You’ve just scored yourself the Best Newcomer accolade in BLUNT’s recent readers’ poll awards. Why do you think our readers voted for you/what do you think it is that makes Hellions stand out from the pack?
We really have no idea why BLUNT readers chose us to win the award but we are very humbled to say the least! I think we’ll just put it down to one thing… No parents, no rules. Cha feel?

This tour is taking you off the beaten track, why is it so important for Hellions to get out to these regional towns and play these shows?
Playing regional towns is always really fun, we get to see some of Australia’s coolest places and do things we wouldn’t normally get to do playing major cities. Doing it over the summer means we’ll get to go and find some water holes and nice beaches too!

It’s so important for bands to head out to these smaller towns. Unfortunately, they don’t get as many shows and bands coming through as often as they would like so being able to get there and play is really rewarding because whether there is 20 people or 200 people, every single one of them appreciates you even showing up! To us, that’s what it’s all about – spreading the love.

How do you approach playing in new towns?
When playing a town we haven’t played before, we will go in not expecting anything but to put on the best show we possibly can and hope that everyone there will have as much fun as we do. We want them to remember us so the next time we come through they come back!

What do you do to pass the time and stay sane on the incredibly long drives between cities?
There’s not much you can do when stuck in a little van for hours and hours at a time but we normally just play a bunch of music, sometimes we’ll write some songs too! We tend to tease each other a lot which helps the time pass quicker and some other stuff goes down but I’m going to leave that out in case my Mum reads this… Hi mum!

Who chooses what tunes you play in the van? Who has the best/worst/most annoying taste in van music?
We share the tune choosing between everyone although it is sometimes a very daunting task because if you pick a shit song, you cop it for the next half an hour at least. I’m gonna say Dre has the best taste because he always puts on feel good songs that keeps everyone’s spirits high. If you were to ask our tour manager/merch guru Srem, I think he would say I have the worst taste because he always seems to have beef with whatever song I choose! Dog mate.

Who has the most annoying habit in the van?
We haven’t quite worked out who it is yet but there is a phantom farter in the band who passes some of the worst smelling gas I have ever had the displeasure of inhaling. That would have to be the most annoying thing. My money is on Lewis because he is vegan so all that clean eating might have something to do with it…

What is your favourite servo purchase?
Magnum ice creams and V energy drinks! The first bite of a Magnum is quite eventful.

What are some necessities for van travel?
A delicious beverage, chippies, laptop, phone charger, cigarettes and a pillow to stay comfy. I always forget to bring one though.

Is it safe to take a nap in your van or will you be targeted for pranks if you do?
It is normally safe to have a sneaky nap but on the odd occasion you may fall victim of the ‘Blitz and Zorba’ combination. The blitz part I’ll leave to your imagination (hi mum) but basically you will be woken up to the sound of the incredibly annoying Zorba Dance song with an unpleasant cloud of smoke surrounding your face. It’s not as fun as it sounds.

What are some typical things you do on your off days?
We normally like to find new places to eat, drink some beers, vibe out with each other and friends but if all else fails, 12 dozen eggs and a visit to your local neighborhood.

You’re touring in the height of summer, what’s the hygiene situation like? Who has the best/worst hygiene situation going on?
It’s grim. Every pore is leaking with salty liquid and deodorant cans aren’t doing their jobs as well as they should be. Everyone in the band is pretty hygienic which is lucky, no one likes sitting next to a stinky dude but when showers are scarce, there isn’t much we can do about it!

Where are you most looking forward to playing and why?
We at looking forward to playing every show on this tour! I’m really looking forward to playing in Byron Bay, it’s In Hearts Wake’s home town so it’s bound to be great and also really looking forward to playing in Armidale. The last time we played there it was crazy!

Blunt Mag is pleased as spiked punch to present the Skydancer Regional Tour. Catch it at a venue near you.


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