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Hand Of Mercy: Preparing For Skydancer


The Skydancer Tour featuring In Hearts Wake, Hand Of Mercy and Hellions hits the road this week, so we decided to jump in the van and get the lowdown on tour life with the stars of the show. First up in this three part series we’ve got Josh Campino from Hand Of Mercy telling us about his favourite servo purchases and why you can never have enough wet wipes in your back pack.

You’ve spent the majority of 2013 logging some serious road miles touring across Europe and the UK. What was the reason behind putting such a focus on tours abroad? Do you feel as though it’s helped establish and cement the band internationally?
We’ve always wanted to tour abroad and it was just a natural progression for us. We’ve been touring Australia for quite some time now and with the opportunities we’ve been given to tour outside Australia we’d be silly not to take advantage of what’s been presented to us. It’s really feels like once you start touring internationally you become a ‘different’ sort of band, no longer relegated to the local realm.

This tour is taking you off the beaten track, why is it so important for Hand Of Mercy to get out to these regional towns and play these shows?
These towns often get overlooked on all tours that hit Australia, which is a massive shame as they have just as much of a passion for music as people from major cities. I know that people from rural towns often have to make the trek to major cities when there are shows they want to go to so it’s only fair that we repay their incredible loyalty by heading to their town.

How do you approach playing in new towns?
First impressions definitely last so we just give them the best and all of what we have to give.

What do you do to pass the time and stay sane on the incredibly long drives between cities?
Sleep, talk shit, use our phones more than we should and daydream about what we are going to buy at the next service station stop.

Who chooses what tunes you play in the van? Who has the best/worst/most annoying taste in van music?
Generally the driver or person in the front passenger seat picks it. No one has particularly tragic taste in music but with six to seven people in a van then someone is always going to play something you don’t like. Dawson and CJ probably have the best taste in music followed by Adam. If I had to pick the worst/most annoying it would have to go to Scott, he definitely listens to some questionable stuff. Whenever it gets too unbearable we’ll shout out requests to restore the balance.

Who has the most annoying habit in the van?
Shay and Dawson snore like a broken lawn mower, which sucks when you try to sleep or just relax and watch the world go by.

What is your favourite servo purchase?
2 for 1 water specials, red Doritos, Frosty Fruit (original flavour, none of these fancy new ones) or a cyclone.

What are some necessities for van travel?
Snacks, iPod, pillow, wet wipes (if you know, you know), multiple spot car phone charger.

Is it safe to take a nap in your van or will you be targeted for pranks if you do?
It’s pretty safe to nap in our van, there’s the odd prank here and there if someone is really out cold (getting drawn on, awkward photos etc) just don’t leave your phone lying around.

What are some typical things you do on your off days?
Depends where we are, if we’re close to the beach then we’ll always go there and spend the day, if we’re staying at a friends place we’ll hang out with them and get them to take us to the best spots around their town/city.

You’re touring in the height of summer, what’s the hygiene situation like? Who has the best/worst hygiene situation going on?
Hygiene is generally fine, no one really stinks too much. We are no strangers to a wet wipe shower when necessary.

Where are you most looking forward to playing and why?
Either the YAC at Bryon Bay or the Sydney Harbour boat cruise. We’ve played the YAC before and shows there are always fun, not to mention that you get to play in one of the nicest towns in Australia. Sydney Harbour is beautiful, the fact we get to play tiny show on a boat as it cruises around it is insane and some friends of ours have played it before and they said it was wild.

Blunt Mag is pleased as spiked punch to present the Skydancer Regional Tour. Catch it at a venue near you.



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