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Fresh Fruit: The Gloom In The Corner

The Gloom In The Corner

The Gloom In The Corner

Fresh Fruit

Triple J Unearthed

What other names did you consider calling yourselves?
This started out as a solo project of mine [Mikey], so when I dropped the original version of one of our songs, “The Funeral”, it was already labeled The Gloom In The Corner. When the other lads joined, they were pretty gee with it. We did at one stage, I think, consider changing it to just ‘Gloom’. That was way too generic, though.

Where are you from and what would be the most recognisable local landmark?
We’re from all over the place. Two of us are from Camberwell, two of us come from the South East and Jaya is from Mill Park. I reckon the most recognisable landmarks would be the Frankston Beach Sand Castles they put on every year – some of those are wicked. Otherwise, probably Nic’s bird staunching him on the front lawn of his house. 

Who is in your band, what do they play and what is their non-musical superpower?
Mikey – I yell about sad shit. I come up with mega storylines (such as the whole Fear Me album) and can cool down a hot lighter with water.
Matt – he plays guitar and contests me on most of my [musical] decisions because he likes djent.
Jaya – he also plays guitar and has the dankest memes.
Michael – he plays bass and can insist on being Straight Edge even though he does shots with his Dad.
Nic – he blasts faster than [insert drummer name here]. His superpower is somehow not being fired from KFC.

Name your three biggest influences.
A US band called Darke Complex – their EP Widow was a huge influence on Matt and I. We take a lot of influence from all those Chicago downtempo/sadboy bands. Also, the new Stories album for a lot more of the cleaner stuff.

What’s the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
Oi boys, suss this meme.”
Oi, can we drive to maccas?”
Oi Matt, can you overload? Don’t dog the boiz.” 

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?
I stretch really awkwardly onstage and set up all the samples. I should really get into warming up my voice…

Tell us about your most memorable show.
Belle Haven’s headline show at the Sooki Lounge in Belgrave. We had to rush back to make the first act after going out to get a HSP. Michael, Matt and I couldn’t breathe onstage because they had this Aldi-brand smoke machine next to the stage, and that’s all we were inhaling all night. But we had, like, 40 kids screaming our lyrics and it was only our second show. The feeling was overwhelming, to say the least. We even had a kid jump up onstage and steal the mic, which I didn’t expect.

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
Just any one of our “heroes” probably. I know Matt would be keen for Escape The Fate. Also our Perth mates, [Live] Conform [Die] – their guitarist Jez did the mixes for our album.

What’s the most exciting album you’ve listened to recently?
For me, Knocked Loose’s Laugh Tracks. I’m buying a new keyboard soon because I smashed when I was listening to “Counting Worms”. But then again, there’s also Sylar’s new album, Help!, and Cane Hill’s Smile. There’s been too many outstanding releases this year. 

What is your latest release and why should we buy it?
Our album, Fear Me. It has a mix of everything good, it’s free, and there’s also a massive story behind everything so it’s like being taken through a movie, in a way.

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
I feel like Matt would say Ernie Ball, but that only covers guitars. Sorry, Nic.

Other than Dave Grohl, who has the best beard in rock?
Andy Williams from Every Time I Die did have the best beard. We’d probably have to give it to ZZ Top – their beards are taller than me.

Wrap your ears around The Gloom In The Corner’s single “Oxymøron” below!

Fear Me is out now via Chugcore
Grab a copy: Bandcamp


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