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Fresh Fruit: Heads Of Charm

Heads Of Charm

Heads Of Charm

Fresh Fruit


Triple J Unearthed

What other names did you consider calling yourselves?
David Gagliardi: In the back of a notebook at home, there is a page filled with at least 50 band name ideas. One of them was Farms Had Echo – no, you can’t use it.

Where are you from and what would be the most recognisable local landmark?
Lachlan Ewbank: Mooroolbark – ten pizza shops in a 1km radius.
DG: Frankston – syringes on the beach.
LE: Zaire is from some town in New Zealand somewhere.

Who is in your band, what do they play and what is their non-musical superpower?
Lachlan Ewbank – Drums, vocals; he can communicate with dogs.
David Gagliardi – Vocals, guitar; he can communicate with babies.
Zaire Kesha – Bass, vocals; he’s an enigma.

Name your three biggest influences.
DG: Our musical parts are influenced by post-hardcore bands like Fugazi, Jesus Lizard and Shellac, but our songs are influenced by popular music.
LE: …And Dave’s lyrics are strongly influenced by social injustices.
DG: In summary: post-hardcore, pop and social injustice.

What’s the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
DG: “How are we going to pay for something?”

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?
DG: I scream at a wall.

Tell us about your most memorable show.
DG: 2016’s highlights would be our shows with Frenzal Rhomb and the Blurst Of Times festival in Brisbane with Bad Dreems, Deafcult, Waax and Methyl Ethyl. But most memorable… Last year, we took a beaten-up warehouse shell on Budd St in Collingwood, and transformed it for a single launch with Camp Cope, Tankerville and Nao Anzai. We managed everything from toilet paper to ticketing, including production and a laneway BBQ. Rock & Roll Magazine ended up doing a 4-page spread on the event saying, “…Turning what was a pretty basic warehouse into one of the best spaces for watching live music in Melbourne.

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
LE: Midnight Oil, because how many drummers play a solo with a fire extinguisher and a water tank?

What’s the most exciting album you’ve listened to recently?
LE: The new album by Perth band Foam, but it hasn’t been released yet, I’m sorry.

What is your latest release and why should we buy it?
DG: A new single called “Ok Yes Please”. You don’t have to buy it.

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
LE: Dune Rats.

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
DG: Inside the musical arena, there are chairs. It’s exactly like the game ‘musical chairs’, and we are in charge of the stereo.

Other than Dave Grohl, who has the best beard in rock?
DG: Peaches.

Wrap your ears around Heads Of Charm’s latest single “Ok Yes Please” below!

Heads Of Charm
Tour Dates

Thursday January 19th – El Grotto, Scarborough

Friday January 20th – Basso, Perth

Saturday January 21st – Freo Pub Crawl, Fremantle

Wednesday January 25th – Rad Bar, Wollongong

Friday January 27th – Waywards, Sydney

Saturday January 28th – Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

Thursday February 2nd – Crown & Anchor, Adelaide

Friday February 3rd – Karova Lounge, Ballarat

Saturday February 4th – Musicman Megastore, Bendigo

Friday February 10th – Bar 12, Frankston

Saturday February 11th – Major Tom’s, Kyneton

Saturday February 18th – Tym Guitars, Brisbane (Matinee show)

Saturday February 18th – The Northern, Byron Bay

Sunday February 19th – Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

Saturday February 25th – The Gasometer, Melbourne (Matinee show)

Saturday March 4th – Gin Lane, Belgrave

Details available on the band’s social media!

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