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Fresh Fruit: At The Space Jam

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At The Space Jam

Fresh Fruit

Triple J Unearthed

What other names did you consider calling yourselves?
Power Chord Rangers, xDead Serious Monx, The Wolf Who Cried Boy, Mirror Mirror On The Floor, and Paradise in Trouble.

Where are you from and what would be the most recognisable local landmark?
We are from the Northern Suburbs of Perth. The greatest landmark in our area is the Gina Rinehart Rock – you can find it outside Coventry Markets in Morley, the home of Spud Shed (open 24 hours). Long live the Spud King!

Who is in your band, what do they play and what is their non-musical superpower?
Andre [Georges] sings and plays keys. His superpower is that he knows the eleven secret herbs and spices.
Murray [Williamson] plays guitar. His superpower is extreme social anxiety.
James [Moretta] plays bass. His superpower is being half man, half pigeon.

Name your three biggest influences.
Streetlight Manifesto, Jeff Rosenstock, and Sublime.

What’s the usual first topic of conversation when you take a break at rehearsal?
FIFA. Do your talking on the pitch.

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?
FIFA, green tea and Marxist literature.

Tell us about your most memorable show.
Rumfest 2013. Our second show ever. We played to a swarm drunken pirates in the Swan Valley, who were inebriated enough to enjoy our terrible cover of Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved”.

What band would you most like to share the stage with and why?
Years ago, Andre had a dream that we played with Tame Impala and were throwing At The Space Jam napkins into the crowd. Help us make this dream a reality.

What’s the most exciting album you’ve listened to recently?
Malibu by Anderson .Paak, untitled. unmastered. by Kendrick Lamar, and Koi Child’s self-titled album.

What is your latest release and why should we buy it?
Our debut EP, The Shore Shark Redemption. Don’t buy it. It’s free on our BandCamp!

If you could be endorsed by one company, who would it be?
Probably Ribena.

Why are you going to make it to the top over all the other contenders in the musical arena?
A sound comprehension of the mechanics of supply and demand in this market economy. The bargaining power of suppliers can not be underestimated, while social responsibility must be regulated to account for negative externalities.

Other than Dave Grohl, who has the best beard in rock?
MC Ride.

Wrap your ears around At The Space Jam’s latest single “The Shore Shark Redemption” below!

The Shore Shark Redemption EP is out now independently
Grab a copy: BandCamp


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