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Road Dogging It With Bare Bones: A Tour Diary


Sydney punks Bare Bones hit the road for an Aussie tour with A Ghost Orchestra recently and were kind enough to document their antics along the way. From run-ins with the po-po to questionable small town eats, guitarist Chris Breedon gives us an insight into what three days in the van with Bare Bones looks like.

Thursday 3rd September, 2015

Dear Diary,

Today was the first unofficial day of our spring tour and what a way to start the “tour”. I say “tour” because really it’s just a boys weekend and we play some music along the way. We picked up the van and attempted to leave Sydney ASAP, the only problem is that there’s no such thing as leaving Sydney ASAP because traffic is always shit and people drive like arseholes. We brought Blake Curby (Elegist) along for the weekend (because he goes to the gym and has rock hard abs) and Blake brought his chilli and lime nuts and they are delicious. Seriously people, you need to eat Blake’s nuts – they are delicious.

Anyway, eventually we got on the motorway with a one-way ticket to Canberra for our show at Magpies ($6 pints, yes!) with Purity, Silver Lining, Starrats and When Giants Sleep. We stopped along the way to take a photo in a field and apparently there were snakes, but we don’t give a shit because snakes are rad and they would probably be our friends and we would just chill and be like, “Hey snake, what up?” We continued driving and got to Canberra with some time to kill so we went to Aldi and got some $4 red wine and went to the local “beach” where there were some swans. It was so majestic and the serenity was just splendid.

Show time! Canberra really turned it on tonight and all the bands absolutely slayed. It was only our second time in Canberra and our first time playing with Starrats. Honestly, keep an eye out for these young men; they’re sexy like Johnny Depp, tight as fuck and all-round great guys. It was also When Giants Sleep’s last show tonight, so the crowd was nuts!

Post show, JD had a run-in with the po-po (standard) but got off with a warning because he’s a thug with tattoos and they ain’t got time for that shit, so we loaded up the van and drove a few more hours to Wagga where we stayed in a cabin for the night and we had bunk beds – who doesn’t enjoy a bunk bed?!?

Anyway, tomorrow we’re off to Adelaide and have a big drive ahead of us, so we had a few more reds and then “hit the hay” at a respectable time because we’re adults and being tired isn’t cool. Until next time, diary…

XOXO Bare Bones

Friday 4th September, 2015

Hey Diary, it’s me again.

So we woke early and left Wagga with some tired eyes and heavy heads (thanks, red wine). We had a 10-hour drive ahead of us, but we’re so easily distracted it was more like a 12-hour drive.

Our first stop was this tiny town called Urana, which was interesting to say the least. There was only one toilet in town which had blood on the toilet seat and a glory hole, so that was cool. We kept driving for a bit after taking a few photos and stopped for lunch in another tiny town where I consumed a suss chicken wrap which has resulted in the purchase of baby wipes because toilet paper is starting to feel like sandpaper. After a decent amount of time on the can we bailed back into the van and continued on our way to Adelaide.

Tonight was our first time in Adelaide where we were playing Down & Dirty Fest with our new friends and tour buddies A Ghost Orchestra. We had no idea what to expect, but we were excited and decided to celebrate by drinking some more red wine in the van. We’re so fancy.

A thousand hours later we rolled into Enigma Bar, loaded our gear and then continued our healthy diet of beer, beer, burritos and more beer. There were so many rad bands playing tonight and we learnt something new: Adelaide bands love to smash their gear to pieces! Seriously, the guys in Life Pilot and One In The Chamber finished off their sets by destroying every piece of equipment on stage!!!

We hit the stage at midnight and were more than impressed with the response we received. It’s always rad to see new faces down the front banging their heads and singing along! Following our set, we witnessed A Ghost Orchestra do their thing and god damn, they do it well. So much energy and filth, the room felt like the floorboards were going to give way due to the ridiculous amount of mosh!

A few more beers before bed. Melbourne tomorrow, good times will be had. Goodnight, talk tomorrow!


Saturday 5th September, 2015

Hello Diary,

First things first: coffee! TK brought it to our attention that Coles Express service stations sell 80c coffee… Yeah, rad. More driving today, but good driving because we were headed to Melbourne and Melbourne is always a red hot time. We recently got Snapchat (follow us: @barebonesnoise) so that makes the drive time even better!

We rolled into Melbourne around 6pm and fuelled up with some long necks, because we’re men and men drink big beers. Tonight was our first time headlining a show in Melbourne and with support from Drivetime Commute, The Approach and Caution: Thieves, we knew we were in safe hands. Seriously, all three opening bands absolutely blew my mind! Once again, the filthy crew in AGO smashed through their set with so much energy… don’t they ever get tired?!

The venue was nicely packed by the time we hit the stage and before we had even started playing, the crowd was filling the room with positive energy… we felt so honoured! Tonight was one of the best sets we have ever played: mic grabs, circle pits, stage diving and cart-wheels, and we owe it entirely to all the legends who turned up and turned down. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much!

We finished the set off with “The New Breed” and still the crowd wanted more, so we got back up and jammed “Humble Wasteland” with Matt Evans on vocals! If you don’t know Matt Evans then you don’t know a real dude, he even has a BBWC tattoo! What a fucking lord. Once again, thank you so much to everyone who came out tonight, we fucking love Melbourne.

After the show, we hung out for a few more shots of Fireball and made some quality new friends before eventually getting to bed at around 4am. Not looking forward to the drive home tomorrow, but can’t wait to do it all over again next weekend!! Byron, Brisbane and Sydney, let’s do this!

XOXO The Bones



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