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“Expert” Confirms You Could Be Kidnapped By Aliens In Sydney, Australia

Independence Day Resurgence

With Independence Day: Resurgence being released to various streaming and disc formats this week, we thought it would be best we check with Australia’s “alien expert” Mary Rodwell to find out just how safe Australia is from an E.T invasion.

*Spoiler alert: THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!

So Mary, you’re the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), and you’ve spent 25 years researching UFO and contact phenomenon. How’d you get wrapped up in all of this?
It was simply somebody walking through my door and telling me what he was experiencing. There were no support groups and people just thought you were crazy, but his whole family were experiencing this. They were waking up with marks on their body, and they were aware that they were being taken up onto a spacecraft. He said that the children were experiencing it, so it was the whole family. Their relatives wouldn’t come to the house, because they thought it was demons. He said, “Can you help?” That really started me on this journey of finding out whether this had a reality, and how I could support others, because others found me as well. I’ve worked with now over 3,000 individuals worldwide.

You’ve described Australia as having alien “hotspots” – where are they?
[Australia] does seem to have certain places where there have been cases that have been particularly significant. One is the Dandenong Ranges, where there was a famous case by Kelly Cahill. She wrote a book called Encounter, which was a very scary kind of experience for her. The research is dealing with that. There were two other cars with people in them that witnessed it as well. That was quite significant. Another one outside Melbourne was called Westall 1966, where a whole school of 200 children – plus teachers – saw a craft outside the playground, which ultimately, it appears to have been covered up by the principal. There’s been many other cases – one across the Nullarbor was quite a famous one, where a whole family had an experience.

There seems to be hotspots around places like Townsville because of the Tully Nests, which was quite a famous one where there seemed to be traces. I actually spoke with one of the ladies involved with that, and she said that there was another case where she saw what appeared to be three crashed crafts, which the army or the military where involved in retrieving… A lot of this, most of the public doesn’t hear about. To be quite frank, someone can have an encounter or an experience anywhere in Australia. You can be in the centre of Sydney and there can be people being picked up, and you would never know it.


“You can be in the centre of Sydney and there can be people being picked up,
and you would never know it.”


Is there a checklist that people can go through to find out if they’ve had “contact” themselves?
I have a questionnaire on my website that people can fill in and decide for themselves whether it’s relevant to them. There’s the classic, which is waking up in your bed and feeling like there’s a presence around – maybe a bright light, sometimes a bright blue kind of light. Maybe small beings around you – feeling like you can’t move, like you’re being taken somewhere and being aware of maybe having procedures done: that’s the classic kind of scenario. For a lot of other people, it can be a lot more gentle than that. They can be aware of being very psychic, very intuitive. Many even say that they feel like they struggle being on this planet, because they feel very different to everybody else.

Given that humans are fragile beings and we can’t even go to certain countries due to diseases that might kill us, wouldn’t aliens just kill us with all sorts of weird bacteria before they even got a chance to break out the lasers?
We have to understand that many of these intelligences are many thousands of years ahead of us. With technologies, they can actually create wormholes and they can actually travel interstellar. They have abilities to manifest in your room without any problem, either physically or holographically. With all of the stuff that we struggle with in terms of our physics and understanding the different organisms on this planet, they’re fully aware of what’s here, and they are also aware of our vulnerability as well. What people don’t realize is that there are many humanoid intelligences wandering our planet now, that are literally observing. This is very hard for some people to believe. 50% of those that people see when they’re having contact are humanoid.

50 percent?
They could literally be someone that’s working in your supermarket – they could even be one of your members of parliament.

Where are you getting that figure from?
This is due to some research that’s been done by an organisation, which is the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters. It’s been going for a couple of years now – I’m one of the directors and co-founders.


“For the majority, their biggest problem is being in a society, having experiences like
this – profound experiences – and not being able to talk about it because of judgement
or laughter, or being thought of as crazy.”


Is there any chance that I could be an alien and not know it? How would I know?
Yes. Often, it’s just a sense that you have, that you know that you’re different to everyone else and that you know you may feel very drawn to particular style systems. You may find that you’re very sensitive, that you see more than most people or hear more than most people. You see energy fields, or you’ve seen spirits, or you’re getting a sense about people that you can’t explain. It’s the multidimensional side of your awareness that gives people information about whether or not they might be a hybrid. I’m actually writing about that in my second book, The New Human, where there are people that are absolutely certain they’re a hybrid, and they’re connecting to another species – whether it’s a humanoid or whether it’s a grey, a reptilian, or another type of being.

So you’ve met a lot of people that have had “contact”, but you’ve never experienced a spaceship or alien up close yourself. Does that bum you out a bit?
I’d love to be able to touch one, feel one and shake hands with whoever is piloting it, but I have seen a lot of anonymous lights and strange things in the skies, because I’ve been able to look through night vision goggles which enable me to do that. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a done deal. It has been a done deal for a long time. When I’ve seen some photographs that people would not honestly know, I’ve seen stuff where people won’t let me put it out publicly, and stuff that’s as in your face as you could possibly get. With clear craft – the whole thing. But I’ve not been allowed to put it out publicly.

In the UFO community, surely there are some people in the game for money, and some that are just straight-up crazy?
No matter how many books you write, or whatever, it is not a place to make money. The bottom line is for those who have had experiences, and there are some where their experiences have tipped the scales for them, to the point where they have lost balance and have needed what we call ‘more professional-type care’ for that. For the majority, their biggest problem is being in a society, having experiences like this – profound experiences – and not being able to talk about it because of judgement or laughter, or being thought of as crazy. The hardest thing for them is being in a society that is uninformed. This is not something that makes money. All it is is people that do this because they’re passionate. For someone like myself, it’s because I wanted to be a good researcher. I spend more money traveling to conferences to be informed – out of pocket, nines times out of ten – than I’m offered to cover my expenses.

*If you suspect that you or someone you know might be an alien, you can find more information at thestarchildren.net

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