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Dananananaykroyd: A Wall Of Cuddles

What do you get when you morph a Ghostbuster with that camp 1960s Batman theme? Six Scottish lads marauding about under the moniker of Dananananaykroyd. “It doesn’t come across very well with a Scottish accent either, so it’s double harsh, but it’s ‘Dana-nana-naykroyd’”, explains Calum Gunn, one half of the band’s riotous vocal duo. With a modest naivety, Gunn sheds some light on their name. “We really didn’t think about it when we were starting the band… We didn’t actually think we’d make it this far. We’ve not made any effort at all to talk to him [Dan Aykroyd]. We were kind of just hoping that one day someone will just tell him, someone will know and someone will meet him.”
Though they claim to have more of a soft spot for Bill Murray themselves (Bililililmurray just didn’t have the same ring to it), these Glaswegians are the hottest thing to come out of Scotland since The Proclaimers released “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”. Many a drunken karaoke aside, Dananananaykroyd are a rare breed. Their records pack deliciously sweet indie-pop tunes while their live shows are an unparalleled intensity in ten cities. With their sophomore album released just over a month ago, There Is A Way, the band have overcome more than a few hurdles considering their youth.
On the eve of their return to the Annandale, Gunn explains what actually happened to his vocal other half, John Baillie Junior, the last time the band visited in 2009. “You know how identical twins sort of feel when something happens to one of them or one of them is in pain?” After deciding that the connection between Elliot and E.T. was a little less morbid, Gunn remembered: “He’d [Baillie] jumped off stage and he fell in a really horrible way and had shattered his arm in several places. We had to stop the show and luckily there was a doctor, we never would have thought that doctors would be into our band, but we had to stop the show and get John some medical attention and we had to then cancel our next shows in Melbourne”.
Four permanent metal pins later and Baillie and the boys are on their way back to Australia for a couple of shows either side of their Splendour in the Grass gig. Their thick Scottish accents lead their self-dubbed ‘fight pop’ style, which is really just “a big mess that [they’ve] managed to bring a bit of order to”. The result? Something truly infectious with a nip of hardcore to it. Do yourself a favour and check out one of their rambunctious live shows, even if only to trade your usual Wall of Death for Dananananaykroyd’s token ‘Wall of Cuddles’.

Catch Dananananaykroyd at Splendour in the Grass from 29th-31st July, or catch them with The Growl and DZ Deathrays at:

Dananananaykroyd Tour Dates
Fri Jul 29th – The Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Mon Aug 1st – East Brunswick Club, Melbourne

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