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Bayside: Dead All Day (Alive All Night)


NY rockers Bayside are certified staples in our scene, so when they announced that they were embarking on a headline run Down Under, the unanimous response from fans went something along the lines of: “It’s about damn time”. We caught up with frontman Anthony Raneri to talk about the run of dates, as well as the outfit’s fresh studio album, Vacancy.

How did your Australian tour come together?
We just kind of finally felt like it was time. I mean we’ve been to Australia about four times, I think, one was on a support tour opening for Funeral For A Friend and three times was doing Soundwave. I mean, throughout the rest of the world, we normally always headline, you know? We consider ourselves sort of a headlining band, we’ve got seven records now. It’s pretty hard to cover seven records in a half hour festival yet. So we finally just get to go over and do a headliner tour there.

We’re keen. You mentioned being on Soundwave quite a few times, how did you feel about its demise?
I mean, it’s a shame because I think it’s a cool festival. It’s one of the cooler ones because it always sort of showcased a lot of different styles of music. There was at least a handful of bands for everybody, no matter what kind of style you were into. So it’s a shame but you know, that’s just life, I guess.

Unfortunately. The new record, Vacancy, is out now. What can we expect you guys to play off that, as well as off your back catalogue?
You know, we’re certainly gonna play some stuff from the new record, but we do…we definitely recognise that there’s a lot of fans there who have been waiting to hear a lot of the old stuff for over ten years, you know? So we’re really going to try and equally showcase all the records for sure.

The album dropped to pretty good reviews, was there anxiety in the process of that release?
There’s always anxiety, for sure. But I definitely think pre-release the reviews did a lot to ease the nerves a little bit. But good reviews don’t always mean the fans are gonna like it and at this point, really when we’re making records we just wanna make sure the fans love it. We don’t really make a whole lot of decisions these days as far as trying to make new fans. Something we talk about often is that we really just want the fans to like the record.

You do have an incredibly loyal fanbase already established – what sort of stuff have you done to cater for them?
I mean, we just continue to be Bayside, really. We really don’t try to reinvent the wheel with the records. We always experiment with each record a little bit, but we know what a Bayside record sounds like. And that’s really important to us.

Do you have kids that come up to you at shows and say they just discovered you though?
Yeah, we definitely do! I think the musical climate changes a bit to where we may not exactly be what the younger kids are into these days, but it does happen. And a lot of the new young pop punk bands that are getting popular now kind of grew up on Bayside. So they talk about us a lot, and I think a crossover comes from that.

The record is about some pretty rough stuff you went through in terms of your relationships and your family, and those are quite mature themes. Do you feel like your fans have grown up with you? Do you go through those issues together?
I think so. I think that’s really a big part of the band’s longevity: growing up and maturing with fans.

Is it still rough to put out something so personal?
I mean, it’s always the way I’ve written. I’ve always just written real honest. This record I think was a bit more easy, because I usually write more in hindsight, whereas with this record I was sort of living it as I was writing it. It was really…I mean, the lyrics on this record, a lot of them just come from my inner monologue, more than looking back on a situation then writing about it.

You’ve been in the scene for a while now, and you’ve also been part of a dialogue about females and whether its equal or safe. Can you weigh in on that? Is it a safe scene?
It’s hard for me to say really, as a straight white male, it’s really, really hard to say because I don’t experience it firsthand. Really, the role that we see ourselves playing is that we try to take female musicians out on tour as much as we possibly can, because we feel like we don’t understand. I don’t understand what’s going on – I only hear it. So we kind of feel like our role is that we try to take out bands who deserve a platform and then they can speak for themselves. We give them the platform and they can speak for it. And I feel like that’s the best we can do, really.

It would be easy for me to say…I mean, we run into issues a lot. We’re on tour right now and we spent a long time trying to get a band with female musicians on the tour. And we could not find one that we hadn’t already taken out recently, and we made offers to three or four, and they were busy or unavailable and we sort of ran out of names, you know? So I could just sit here and say, from my perspective, that there are opportunities for everybody and there just aren’t that many bands to represent that side of things, but at the same time – I don’t know why things…I don’t know if that’s because there’s an inclusion problem. The best I can do is say that I don’t understand, you know what I mean? I wanna understand and I listen, and that’s the best that I can do. I think that anyone who thinks they have it figured out is wrong.

You’ve been very accountable in terms of acknowledging the misogynistic undertones that your discography may have projected. Do you want people to replicate that action and kind of stand up and acknowledge what they’ve done in that respect?
Nobody’s perfect. The best you can do is acknowledge your faults. You have to understand that we all have something to learn about the other side and you have to listen and pay attention and try to understand.

Bayside / Young Lions / Far Away Stables
Tour Dates

Thu Nov 3rd – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Fri Nov 4th – Amplifier Bar, Perth (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Sat Nov 5th – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (AA)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Sun Nov 6th – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Wed Nov 9th – The Basement, Canberra (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Thu Nov 10th – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Fri Nov 11th – Manning Bar, Sydney (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Sat Nov 12th – The Brightside, Brisbane (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 
Sun Nov 13th – Shark Bar, Gold Coast (18+)
Tix: tickets.destroyalllines.com 

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