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Architects: Leading A Mental Shift


Fans of the UK’s Architects have been treated well by the band over the years. Regular releases and tours have secured them a place in the hearts of Aussie heavy music fans. But things are different for their forthcoming album, All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. The band doesn’t want you to just listen to the album and bang your head along to it. They want you to use it as a tool to change the world. Recently announced as main supports for Bring Me The Horizon’s upcoming Australian tour, BLUNT caught up with Architects frontman Sam Carter to learn more about All Our Gods…, and the messages contained within.

We were fortunate enough to get our hands on an advanced stream of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. Man, it’s brutal, and is clearly a call to arms. Were you worried about fans feeling too pressured from the responsibility to drive change in the world?
Musically and lyrically it’s heavy. It’s a lot to take on… It’s a lot to take in. But it needed to happen. The world issues need to be put in front of your face. It’s heavy. And it’s heavy for people to support but at the same time – how much do you love the Earth? How much do you love the planet? I think once people see how fortunate we are to be on this planet, making a few changes isn’t really a big deal. It’s all a mental shift. Just caring a little bit more and removing that ego from your body – the one that’s trying to be the cool guy, or one-up on someone. We need to just change that and be more loving.

Listening through I couldn’t help but notice these moments of reprieve. When the assault pauses for a moment and the listener can kind of catch their breath. I was wondering – was this natural? Or did you listen back to the album and feel it was too heavy or aggressive and needed these moments of reprieve added?
[Laughs] It actually was completely natural. We set out to write a really heavy record before [2014’s] Lost Forever was even finished. We wanted it to start with a bang. We wanted it to be completely in people’s face straight away just because we knew that people didn’t expect us to do that. I think people were expecting us to go a bit softer. So we were like right, let’s do the complete opposite of that. But there’s always been this melodic side of us that always comes out. We do enjoy writing melodic as well. It really was a natural thing. Other than the fact we wanted to make it heavy, everything just came naturally.

We can’t help but feel this is the perfect time to speak to you – lately all that’s been in the news is who wore what to the Met Gala, and Trump winning the Republican candidacy…
That’s it man! Everything around us is just pointing to that. It’s like, ‘Holy shit, all we care about is this celebrity fucking world of people, you know, trying to buy Kim Kardashian’s eyelashes. Everyone hanging off this crazy fucking guy who’s pretty much just appealing to the rednecks of America and everyone else is going what the fuck is happening? Trump is a perfect example of why people need to actually get off their arse and make a change. It’s easy to sit there and go, ‘Oh shit, this sucks’. We obviously can’t make much of a difference over here because we can’t vote; we don’t have any control other than saying he’s a twat. But the people of America need to stand up and instead of just moaning about it, go ok, we need do something about this – there’s no way he can be president.


“We need to really just think about our brothers and sisters instead of our egos and ourselves. Instead of fucking each over for more money and fame we need to be more considerate.”


So really, All Our Gods… couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, right when the world needs it!
For sure, we live in a very tough time for the world. I think we’re in desperate need of a massive change and a shift in mental attitude and I think that’s where it starts. We wanted to point the finger at it and say, ‘Look, this world needs more love, this world needs more care – we’re letting it go to shit!’ Humans are basically being idiots and we have been for hundreds of years. We’re getting it really wrong – we need to have more care, more empathy. We need to really just think about our brothers and sisters instead of our egos and ourselves. Instead of fucking each over for more money and fame we need to be more considerate.

Architects have done some great work with Sea Shepard over the years. Are you up to date with what’s happening with The Great Barrier Reef? You must be bummed…
Oh it’s so shit, man. So shit. The Australian government does some weird shit for sure. Abbott’s gone now, isn’t he?

Oh yeah, he’s gone.
He was a fuckhead wasn’t he? But your government makes some strange choices. The Barrier Reef thing is rough. I’m sure you guys have seen what’s happened to it. The average Australian is far more left than most people in the left – I feel like you guys will make the change and you’ll be okay. After seeing how big Sea Shepard is there, you guys are aware of what’s going on and you’ll make a difference.

It’s true. Our government does some whack stuff and we’re pretty behind on some issues. But that doesn’t seem to keep Architects away! Does it take much to twist your arm into a tour Down Under?
We fucking love Australia. If we could tour there more we would. And I’m not just saying that because it’s Australian press day – we actually love it. Some of our favourite people live there. Not only are the shows always amazing and always have been – also, the people are amazing. Australia’s got it all.

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is out May 27 via UNFD/Epitaph.
Grab a copy: JB HiFi | iTunes | 24hundred


Bring Me The Horizon / Architects / ’68
Tour Dates

Wed Sep 14th – HBF Stadium, Perth (AA)
Tix: www.livenation.com.au
Fri Sep 16th – Riverstage, Brisbane (AA)
Tix: www.livenation.com.au
Sat Sep 17th – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (AA)  *SOLD OUT*
Sun Sep 18th – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (AA)  *NEW SHOW*
Tix: www.livenation.com.au

Tue Sep 20th – AEC Theatre, Adelaide (AA)
Tix: www.livenation.com.au
Thu Sep 22nd – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (AA) *SOLD OUT*
Fri Sep 23rd – Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne (AA) *NEW SHOW*

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