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A Night In Texas: Godless Bound

After helping establish a heavy music scene in their somewhat isolated hometown (sound familiar?) deathcore outfit A Night In Texas are eyeing off world domination.  

A Night In Texas

After BLUNT’s ear-drums were annihilated by the beatdowns contained on debut full-length The God Delusion, Queensland deathcore heavy-hitters A Night In Texas appear qualified to answer the following query. Simply, what constitutes a quality breakdown?

“Just straight-up heavy, good triplets, [but] not too many,” is axeman Cory Judd’s belief. “I think when writing a song, it can’t all be one breakdown because then it just… There’s no intensity when the breakdown actually hits. Writing those other parts, having riffs, having all those things to build into a breakdown. It’s all about the build-up, man.”

These are lessons they’ve absorbed since forming five years ago amid Cairns’ searing temperatures. “So many jams in the scorching heat of a farm shed, and lots of rage,” Judd laughs. “We did have an air conditioner though. Originally it was just five mates from school, and as the years went on, people’s interests went astray and we picked up some other members. We moved down to Brisbane, lost our vocalist, so we picked up Rheese Peters, who was from Brisbane.”

There were no illusions of stardom – just a compulsion to unleash pulverising death metal inspired by Thy Art Is Murder, The Black Dahlia Murder and Behemoth. The now 21-year-old guitarist certainly didn’t anticipate still being at it a half-decade later.

“It was just one of those things we picked up in high school and we’re like, ‘It’s good, hang out with some friends and play some music’. When we got out of school it was just, keep on going. We got in touch with Skull and Bones, who are based in Brisbane, and [they] offered us a record deal. That’s when we started to take it a little bit more serious and decided we wanted to relocate down to Brisbane. Because it’s quite isolated in Cairns; there’s not a lot of shows that go on up there. For us, we made that happen up there. We were one of the very few bands who were doing that heavier sound, putting on shows and had a fanbase up there. So it was great for us to have that territory kind of covered already. A lot of bands can’t afford to go up there ‘cos it is quite an adventure.”

Due to A Night In Texas’s (for those keeping score at home, they’ve never visited the state from which their moniker is derived – we checked) work ethic, the band has clocked up many kilometres in a cramped tour van. They’re also negotiating overseas distribution of their new platter, and high-profile peers’ success is additional motivation.

“Both Thy Art Is Murder and Aversions Crown are killing it overseas, and it’s a great thing for bands who are a lot smaller and play the same music in Australia. [It] opened up a portal for them. Before then there was just Parkway Drive, who opened up a lot of doors for that kind of heavier music to become international. It definitely gives us a little bit of confidence. Thy Art Is Murder work really hard; they’re a really good band both on record and live. They’re just super committed to it, so they deserve everything they get. Hopefully we get some acknowledgement internationally as well and have some international success. We want to be more than just a local or national band. We definitely want to take it to the next step. That’s definitely on the cards for us in the coming years.”


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