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A Day To Remember: Havin’ A Chat

Howdy folks. What follows is our brand new intern Emily interviewing Jeremy McKinnon of her favourite band, A Day To Remember, in her second week of working for us ahead of their first Australian headline tour. Sweet gig? You bet. Especially now that we make her do everything. Only joking. Sort of. Thanks Emily.

Do you or any of the other guys in the band have a pre-show ritual?
Not really, I mean we just kind of hang out until we play and then when we all have our instruments, we all fist pound each other, us and the entire crew, right before we go on stage. That’s the only ritual we have.

How do you keep from losing your voice when you’re in the middle of a massive tour?
Well, I don’t usually have that problem, I kind of figured out how to do it; how to keep up with myself. The only problem I come across is sometimes I’ll just get sick, and that’s my problem, so I’ve just gotta try and stay away from people who are sick and just take a lot of vitamins and stuff. That’s usually my only problem.

“The Downfall Of Us All” has become something of an anthem in the scene. What kind of buzz do you get from looking out into a crowd and seeing everyone singing the words to something you wrote?
It’s just crazy. It wasn’t ever really meant to be anything like what we’re doing these days, you know, we’re doing some pretty crazy stuff. We’re just a bunch of guys that were friends that just got together and played music that we wanted to play, and it just kind of happened, so it’s wild to me. We’re just having a good time and kind of going with the flow, you know?

Do you intentionally set out to write memorable songs like that?
You know, I don’t really try to do anything, we just write whatever comes natural to us, that’s what we’ve always done, and that’s just what comes out, I guess that’s just the way I write songs.

A personal favourite of mine is “I’m Made of Wax…”, but one of the best things about it is probably the film clip. Have you guys always wanted to wail on small children in a game of kickball? 
[Laughs] It was actually a friend of ours who just kind of told me randomly, he was like, “Hey, you should totally do this for your video” and I was just like, “That’s a great idea” so I got with our video guy, Drew Russ, and we kind of brainstormed this video treatment around that idea and we got our good friend Dan Dobi to film it, and that’s what it was. We were pretty happy with it. That kid was actually awesome too. He came out to a few random shows and he was really excited about everything, so it was awesome.

Several of the songs on Homesick actually feature guest vocalists.  Do you like doing these sorts of collaborations with other artists or do you prefer it when you’re just singing by yourself?
They’re not really collaborations when we have people on our records, it’s just stuff that I write and they just do their part, I mean I’m way to picky to let somebody else write something over the top of my songs [laughs]. It actually stresses me out having people involved, even when they are just doing their own part, ‘cos usually they can’t be there with me at the time and I actually had a lot of problems with all of the guest vocals on the record because of that. I’m a really picky person and it had to be perfect, so a few people had to re-do things to make me happy, so I’m sure I’m just as annoying to them.

Is there anyone in particular that you’re looking to work with?
I have no idea, I actually just enjoy working with the team of people I usually work with and just doing my own thing.

And going on from that, who do you most admire in the music world?
I’m really stoked on the people we work with once again; I mean, I think Chad Gilbert does a great job with us, he’s perfect for what we do, and then I think Andrew Wade is incredible at what he does. Pretty much every record we’ve done has been involved with him in some form; we couldn’t make a record without him, so I would say for the most part, Andrew Wade.

Now let’s talk about your Australian tour. Most of your major city shows actually sold out in about a day. How does that feel having fans half way across the world?
That’s crazy. I mean, as I said earlier, it’s just wild the way things are going these days. We’re just having a good time and trying to do what we do and people just accept it, so it’s cool.

Now that you’ve got a heap of killer songs in your repertoire, is it difficult to choose songs for set lists?
Yeah definitely, I mean adding more songs definitely makes things more difficult, especially when you’re limited to how long you can play. We’re actually going to play Warped Tour this summer and I have no idea how we’re going to play a 40 minute set. We’ve got four records now, so it’s crazy.

I’ve actually seen you guys talking about some crazy things your fans have done, like that one guy who jumped off a balcony, landed on stage, and then stage-dived into the barrier… How do you guys respond to that sort of thing?
It’s not usually something you realise is gonna happen, so it’s always pretty surprising and we’re usually just stunned and kind of look at each other, horrified for a second when something like that happens. I mean, God, some of these kids; I don’t even understand how they’re alive after some of the things I’ve seen people do.

Were you ever that crazy over a band?
Hell no! I mean, there are bands I like, but I would never jump off a balcony on stage for any band.

You guys have now notched up four big albums. Looking back on it, which album was the most enjoyable to work on, and which one was the most tedious in terms of the process?
In terms of fun, I would say our first record and I would say that because we didn’t care [laughs]. I mean, there was absolutely no thought, there was no revision; we were a local band and we just wrote music that didn’t make sense and it doesn’t go together at all, so that was definitely the easiest one to do, because we didn’t really give a crap what it sounded like. Every record since that first record has been a tedious process because I’m really involved in what we do, so yeah every record is tedious in a process like that.

Catch A Day To Remember when they’re here with Underoath next month!


A Day To Remember / Underoath Tour Dates

Sun May 8th – Astor Theatre, Perth

Tue May 10th – HQ, Adelaide

Thu May 12th – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Fri May 13th – Big Top @ Luna Park, Sydney

Sat May 14th – Big Top @ Luna Park, Sydney

Sun May 15th – The Tivoli, Brisbane

Tue May 17th – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast

Wed May 18th – The Tivoli, Brisbane

  • A Day To Remember have a chat + Top 5 Essential Songs –Blunt Magazine – ok 🙂

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  • Hey man I just wanted to stop by and say I love to read your Site!

  • Hey there , I am forming a new website almost the same as ehow and your articles would really fit in well. Would I be able to copy think article for my readers?

  • Tanjyot

    So, even though this article is from a little while ago, I’m still deciding to give my input.
    I personally LOVE A Day To Remember, I’m wicked jealous that Emily got to interview Jeremy. To have a conversation with him would be… beyond incredible. Anyway. I’d argue with your guys’ top 5 for ADTR. If It Means A Lot To You should totally be on that list. Sure its not pure ADTR since it features Sierra of VersaEmerge, but it shows the softer side of them. Pure amazingness. Also on there should be Have Faith In Me and This Is The House That Doubt Built. Both are reaaaaally good. Both really powerful, and definitely would get stuck in your head by the end of the night. I feel like This Is The House That Doubt Built doesn’t get enough appreciation for being on the new album, even though All I Want is a great song that is unbelievable relatable. Jeremy is an incredible singer and it’s pretty awesome to see how ADTR evolves over each album. I really hope to meet them someday. It’d be such an honor.

    • Amy

      It was incredibly hard choosing just five, let me tell you that.

      Are you going to catch them at Soundwave in Feb? They might have signing tents there so you could always try your luck meeting Jeremy then!

  • emma

    who else played with them at the tivoli 15th of may the first band no one knew who they were, I didn’t mind them does anyone know there name.

  • sarah

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  • Brendan

    The fifth Underoath song isn’t called The Sun Still Sleeps, it’s called When The Sun Sleeps, just sayin’

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