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A Band’s Best Friend – The Getaway Plan



Behind every great band there’s an even cuter puppy, so it’s time to meet the loveable critters waiting to greet your favourite acts as they stumble through the door after a brutal bout of touring. From your typical cats and dogs to lizards and feathered friends, we’ll be treating you to the friendliest and furriest. Allow Matthew Wright and Clint Ellis from The Getaway Plan to introduce you to their furry felines Bob Marley and Saspa.

Getaway Plan1

Pet’s Name: Bob Marley

Nicknames: Little Man, Douchebag.

Age: 3.5 years old.

Sex: Male.

Breed: Tabby.

How you met: I adopted Bob from Lort Smith Animal Hospital in North Melbourne.

Favourite food: Whatever I’m eating.

Most annoying habit: Scratching relentlessly at my bedroom door and running away when I open it.

Most endearing habit: Scratching relentlessly at my bedroom door and running away when I open it…

Usually found: Under the house, sneezing.

The inspiration for: Spending more time sleeping in the sun.

Biggest fuck up: Bob has a tendency to stand in food (his and my own) and walk it through the house.

Most touching moment: Probably the first time I laid eyes on him at the shelter.

The most embarrassing thing you do with your pet when nobody’s looking: Sometimes I cradle him like a baby and make some pretty questionable noises.

My pet shits all over your pet because: Well he shits anywhere else he wants, so why wouldn’t he?

Getaway Plan2

Pet’s Name: Saspa

Nicknames: None.

Age: 7 years old.

Sex: Male.

Breed: Junkyard cat.

How you met: He was at my 21st birthday party and we hit it off right away.

Favourite food: Chicken necks.

Most annoying habit: Re-enacting scenes from the The Bodyguard when I’m trying to type on the computer.

Most endearing habit: Face nuzzles!

Usually found: Belly-up and squinting at things.

The inspiration for: Independence.

Biggest fuck up: Coming to my 21st.

Most touching moment: Face nuzzles!

The most embarrassing thing you do with your pet when nobody’s looking: We check each other for fleas.

My pet shits all over your pet because: He’s a junkyard cat.

The Getaway Plan / Red Beard Tour Dates

Thu Oct 29th – Werribee Plaza Hotel, Werribee (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Fri Oct 30th – Chelsea Heights Hotel, Chelsea Heights (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sat Oct 31st – Workers Club, Geelong (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Fri Nov 6th – Club 54, Launceston (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sat Nov 7th – Republic Bar, Hobart (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Thu Nov 12th – Inferno, Traralgon (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Fri Nov 13th – Hallam Hotel, Hallam (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sat Nov 14th – Commercial Hotel, South Morang (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Wed Nov 18th – Leisure Inn, Rockingham (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Thu Nov 19th – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Fri Nov 20th – Rosemount Hotel, Perth (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sat Nov 21st – Mojo’s, Fremantle (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sun Nov 22nd – Dunsborough Tavern, Dunsborough (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Fri Nov 27th – Whalers Hotel, Warrnambool (18+)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com
Sat Nov 28th – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (AA)
Tix: thegetawayplan.com

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