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A Band’s Best Friend – Hands Like Houses


Behind every great band there’s an even cuter puppy, so it’s time to meet the loveable critters waiting to greet your favourite acts as they stumble through the door after a brutal bout of touring. From your typical cats and dogs to lizards and feathered friends, we’ll be treating you to the friendliest and furriest. Allow Hands Like Houses frontman Trenton Woodley to introduce you to his feathered friend Pippin.

Trenton Woodley

Pet’s Name: Pippin! She is named for the whistling sound she makes (‘Pip-pip’) and after Peregrin Took from The Lord Of The Rings. We thought it was a boy for ages [laughs]. But no. She is not.

Nicknames: Pip, Ducky, Monkey, Wibbleduck, Dickhead, Poop Machine, Rascal.

Age: ~7 months (growing up way too fast…)

Sex: Female! Ducks are hard to pick early on but now she has her adult feathers, we’re pretty confident she’s a she.

Breed: Australian Wood Duck.

How you met: So recently I got it into my head that I wanted a duck on the farm… But we have 30+ chickens, 2 cats, 2 dogs, a horse and a wandering assortment of wildlife already living on the property, so given the fact I’m away much of the year touring, it felt somewhat irresponsible to bring another animal into the fold. That said… My fiancée Kate’s sister is a veterinary science student and was working a placement at a local vet clinic several months ago, where Pippin was brought in as a shivering, wet little duckling. She was presumably separated from her family during the flooding that was occurring that week. Katie remembered my wistful duck-dreaming and so we offered to adopt and hand raise the little lady, despite not really having much of an idea of how to raise a duck. Isn’t that how any type of parenting works anyway?

Favourite food: Clover!

Most annoying habit: Her mirror. Ducks are naturally social birds so being the only duck here she likes to keep herself company at night. And during the day. And pretty much any time she can see her reflection. Vain little thing 😛

Most endearing habit: Shadowing you literally everywhere, all day, then running away from you as fast and far as possible when it’s bedtime.

Usually found: At my heels.

The inspiration for: Morning walks with her to the dam, and duck photos on Instagram.

Biggest fuck up: Spending a hot afternoon shirtless in the hammock with Pippin on my chest… She was suddenly inspired to bite my nipple. Yeah. Ouch.

Most touching moment: When she has afternoon naps in the grass with Ruby the Kelpie (her faithful and ever-present babysitter).

The most embarrassing thing you do with your pet when nobody’s looking: Sing her “Rubber Duckie” from Sesame Street, complete with Ernie’s voice and lyrics substituted for “little ducky”. Usually this happens on our morning walks down to the dam where she has a bath, swim, breakfast and preen.

Strangest thing you’ve caught your pet doing: Pooping then turning around and nibbling it almost instantly.

My pet shits all over your pet because: She’s a duck and she shits everywhere. It’s just what she does.

Hands Like Houses
Tour Dates

Fri Feb 3rd – The Factory Theatre, Sydney (AA)
Tix: handslikehouses.net
Sat Feb 4th – The Triffid, Brisbane (AA)
Tix: handslikehouses.net
Fri Feb 10th – UniBar, Adelaide (AA)
Tix: handslikehouses.net
Sat Feb 11th – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: handslikehouses.net

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