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6 Underrated Aussie Prog Acts With… Caligula’s Horse

Caligula's Horse

Fresh from a run of shows with British prog metallers TesseracT and ahead of their Euro tour jaunt with Norwegian act Shining, Caligula’s Horse frontman Jim Grey gives us six underrated Australian prog rock acts you should be listening to.


1. Osaka Punch – Brisbane

They may not fit into the standard category of prog, but if we’re talking about awesome, interesting bands that have been doing their own thing for a long time… They went over to the UK and spent a few years over there but they’re back now and they are and always have been one of the most exciting bands that I’ve ever seen in Brisbane. I can’t wait to play with them again.

2. The Stranger – Brisbane

A relatively new band and another great bunch of dudes. They’ve got high energy and interesting arrangements, a very strong vocal performance and really cool vocal arrangements as well. Their latest stuff (they sent me a demo track of something they’ve been working on more recently) is very powerful, with a Symphony X kind of vibe, which is not something you necessarily hear out of Brisbane a lot. So I really recommend people check them out.

3. Plini – Sydney

He’s really popular on the internet and is sort of blowing up right now, but he’s a solo guitarist that I still think everyone should hear. His band are literally the tightest shit in Australia right now. It was really exciting to play with them for the east coast leg of the TesseracT tour.

4. Dyssidia – Adelaide

Really interesting and a totally different approach to the prog metal kind of sound. They do a lot of driven, energetic stuff, but they also handle their ambience very well and in my opinion their singer is without peer in Australia.

5. Chaos Divine – Perth

They’ve got a great reputation and I just want people to go and listen to them. Really strong melodies and vocals and again we played with them with TesseracT as well.

6. Flynn Effect – Brisbane

It’s female-fronted electronic prog metal. A different approach to the whole thing and I recently saw them live and Tomina, their singer, really belts it out and it’s a great time, so definitely check them out.

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