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5 Monster Riffs With… Monster Truck

Monster Truck

When you want to get a handle on the best ever guitar riffs, you go straight to the source and ask four seasoned riff lords themselves. Canadian shredders Monster Truck have just released their second slab of new tunes in the form of Sittin’ Heavy. But before you indulge in some searing, blues-tinged rock’n’roll, suss out the band’s picks for their top five monster riffs. From Zeppelin to Sabbath, they’ve successfully covered the biggies (and may have even snuck in a jam or two you haven’t heard yet).

Monster Truck’s Top 5 Monster Riffs

1. Led Zeppelin – “Ramble On”

You know the part I’m talking about! The “wooooo, da woo, da woo, da woo da wowawoooooo”.

2. Rage Against the Machine – “Testify”

Another vicious track one. Just ultimate Rage riffery.

3. The Eagles – “Life In The Fast Lane”

What a great intro to a song. It’s basically the musical embodiment of the song title.

4. Jimi Hendrix – “Spanish Castle Magic”

Groovy and heavy. A real underrated Hendrix classic.

5. Black Sabbath – “Fairies Wear Boots”

Don’t make me explain this.

Sittin' Heavy Monster Truck

Sittin’ Heavy is out now through Dine Alone / Cooking Vinyl Australia.

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