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Game Review – Mad Max

Mad Max

PS4 • XB1 • PC

Movie-based games are typically a rushed, often tragic, mess. Mad Max: Fury Road is a super hard act to have to follow with a sequel movie let alone a tie-in game. Another enormous open world buried in the middle of the year between juggernauts like Batman and Metal Gear, it seems like Warner were just trying to let this one slide which didn’t bode well.

So firing this one up and seeing one of the most stylish presentations of an open world was a nice surprise, especially when that open world is an amazingly faithful realisation of the post-apocalyptic Fury Road wasteland.

Max hits the plains in a choice of cars which are then tied to your progression as you collect scrap out in the desert. You’ll be guided through the wasteland by mechanic, sidekick, and quasimodo-look-a-like Chumbucket. He acts as narrator, waypoint and medic and primes Max on what to expect on each as you progress.

Along the way you’ll encounter a legion of war boys who will fight you with their vehicles on the roads and in gangs on foot. Combat is reminiscent of the Arkham Batman games but somehow even more visceral. True to character, Max is no joke. Controlling his battery into combos will trigger a string of wince-enducing focused attacks.

The world is a beautifully crafted love-letter to Mad Max fans. We often pulled up on a nice dune to appreciate the landscape being bathed in a blazing red sunset, or took a moment before a dungeon section to appreciate the intricacy of the environment.

Even if it was just War Boy Fist Fight Simulator 2015, we’d be stoked on this one. But judged purely as a video game on its own, there are probably better more polished open world games out there. But for the die hard Mad Max fans, or even if you just got hyped on Fury Road, it’s a must-play and probably the sleeper of the year.

Mad Max is out now through Warner.

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