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Ask Auntie Slatts – Getting Hitched

Auntie Slatts

Each month King Parrot’s intrepid bass player, part-time detective and alleged sex offender Slatts Everyday answers the big questions as posed by you. To get involved, use the hashtag #askauntieslatts and ask away. Please note we are not liable for any terrible or irresponsible advice he almost definitely will be sharing.

We loved Slatts’ questionable advice so much, we’ve brought him over to bluntmag.com.au so he can drop knowledge bombs and show off his darling face. In his video debut, he tackles the conundrum of the right time to get hitched, and also gives his top five tips for kickstarting your acting career. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Watch Slatts below in the first episode of Ask Auntie Slatts.

  • Zo Damage

    “The right advice delivered in the wrongest fuckin’ way …” #gold

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