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A Punk Guide To

A punk guide to Greece with ADAM

Blue seas, blue skies, 9,000 miles of crystal-clear coastlines, and clocking in a total of 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Greece is widely recognised for its picturesque landscapes and status as an ideal travel destination. But, among its 10.7 million population, the hours of sunshine and prominent blue-and-white villa-style houses, lies a gritty, underground scene where fuzzy guitars in overdrive ring out in your ears and a family of likeminded punters and artists come together to celebrate a common interest: Alternative music and that don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

In celebration of the re-release of their LP Sun, Greek alt-metal band ΛΔΛΜ (ADAM) offers BLUNT a glimpse into their tight-knit scene. Vocalist and guitarist Panagiotis ‘Takis’ Chaloulakos gives us the lowdown on all things punk in Greece.

How did you become a punk?

Pretty much just like every other teenager that felt like an outsider and a misfit I suppose. I discovered more about punk culture when I got into skateboarding.

Growing up as a young punk in your hometown, what are some of the places you would hang out?

The Dungeon. An old carpentry workshop, turned into [a] hangout spot, rehearsal space, and motorcycle workshop. [It] has seen many makeshift gigs and rave parties.

How would you describe your typical punk from your hometown?

He is a troublemaker by design, with complex and deep artistic disposition. At least some days of the week!

Are there any unwritten rules for punks in your hometown?

Not really. Who would go to the trouble to come up with rules, just to ignore them every single day?

How does the general community in your hometown take to punks, and punk music?

They are all so loving and supportive; it makes you want to cry. No, it does really want to cry, but definitely for the opposite reason.

What do you think is the biggest threat to the punk community in your city?

The greater danger always comes from within, brother. Losing your identity, forgetting how it is to have fun, writing off your friends.

All over the world politics and punk go hand in hand. In Australia, many punks talk about climate change and gender equality. What are some of the political issues that influence punks in your hometown?

Both issues you mention are equally shared here too. They always come to mind, especially when you take a break to catch your breath when running away from the spectacular and humanitarian Greek police riot force!

Are there any other locations in the city that are important to its punk community? Tattoo studios, for example, or clothing stores, or bars and underground clubs?

Definitely The Dungeon, as mentioned before. Without a doubt, the top spot for all of us.

Who are some great punks or punk bands making moves from your hometown we can check out?

Gay Anniversary, Antimob, Ilios Thanatou.

What are your tips for any punks travelling through your hometown?

Well, first of all make sure to say hello when you do come over! That tip will get you all the tourist info you might need!