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WIN: Deadpool Blu-Rays + Limited Edition Prints

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Still yet to see this year’s biggest and most irreverent superhero flick? Saw it four times at the cinema but totally didn’t realise it was out on Blu-Ray? Too poor to have done either? Don’t worry, dude – we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to the total fucking legends at 20th Century Fox, we’ve got six shiny Deadpool packages sitting on our desks, and we’re giving away five of them to you… The sixth one is for the office janitor, because after cleaning up the near-apocalyptic aftermath of our Deadpool release party, he deserves it.

Each package contains a copy of Deadpool on Blu-Ray and a limited edition print from the film. They’re goddamn beautiful, if we do say so ourselves, and all you’ve got to do to get your filthy little mitts on one is tell us – now that Deadpool has proved the formula can work, what other Marvel superhero deserves their own fucked up, balls-to-the-wall mental R-rated movie?

Should the next Avengers end with Iron Man being minced by The Hulk? Should the next Guardians Of The Galaxy dive into the world of interspecies sex scenes? The possibilities are endless! You know what to do.

Check out Deadpool’s awesome package – out now via 20th Century Fox. You’re Welcome.

This competition has ended.

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