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Watch Footage Of Danny Worsnop’s First Show Back In Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria w Danny

This whole clusterfuck of news surrounding Danny Worsnop returning to Asking Alexandria has made for a pretty wild ride. The band announced last weekend that they were done and dusted with The Black vocalist Denis Stoff, and, since their beefs were squashed, re-enlisted the vocal talents of formerly ex-frontman (confusing, right?) Worsnop – who initially fucked the band off at the start of 2015.

A short days later, Asking Alexandria 1.0 2.0 were back in action onstage, and yeah, a bit of time off has worked wonders for Worsnop’s war chops. The band smashed through a solid twelve-track setlist on the first date of their 10 Years In The Black tour, which, interestingly enough despite the title, didn’t include a single cut from this year’s The Black.

It was a special set either way, though, pillared on cuts like “Dear Insanity” (which hadn’t been played since 2013), “Someone, Somewhere” (2014) and “A Moment Of Sincerity” (2011).

Also impressive is that Worsnop already has a new single in the bank with AA; it turns out that whole thing with From First To Last guitarist Matt Good hitting the studio with Worsnop and AA shredder Ben Bruce wasn’t just for their* new pop-punk supergroup, Kill It With Fire – Good recently tweeted, “Mixing an amazing new Asking Alexandria song at the moment featuring the return of Danny, who absolutely crushed the vocals. Damn damn.”

Watch the videos of Danny Worsnop performing with Asking Alexandria again below!

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