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Trophy Eyes Get Emo At A Theme Park In New Music Video

Trophy Eyes 2016

In true Trophy Eyes fashion, their new single will make you as happy as it will sad – some might refer to this described feeling as “neutral”, but no: somehow, the Novocastrian emocore unit have mastered a style that elicits both excitement and depression. It’s fucking crushing – we love it.

Following earlier singles “Chlorine” and “Heaven Sent”, the quintet have dropped a jammy new tune from Chemical Miracle in “Breathe You In”. Their sophomore album drops in just a couple of weeks on October 14th, and if the whole slate sounds as great as what we’ve heard so far, we might have a contender for Album Of The Year on our hands.

“Sometimes when you love someone so much, you give less attention to how they make you feel, and you focus solely on what you can do for them,” muses frontman John Floreani on the new banger’s background. “When I’m away, I often wonder if there’s someone out there that could give my partner the life she wants.

“That could be home all the time, and love her and support her at home instead of the other side of the world. I was in Newcastle, UK when I hit a pretty low point in my life. I walked in to every bar as they were closing, begging each one to make me a coffee, because I was worried that if I had one more beer, I’d do myself in. It was four months since I’d seen her last, and another two until I’d see her again. Everyday the same thought. This is my fault, and she deserves better.”

The boys have accompanied “Breathe You In” with a simple-set music video shot during their current US tour with The Amity Affliction – it’s the perfect encapsulation of the emotion we mentioned earlier, complete with a touch of slight perspective roller coaster vertigo!

Watch the new video for “Breathe You In” below!

Chemical Miracle drops October 14th via Hopeless / UNFD
Pre-order it: JB HiFi | 24hundred | Webstore | iTunes


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