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Girt By Fear Is The ‘Strayan Horror Series You Didn’t Know You Desperately Needed


Halloween might be a distant, hungover memory – entwined in candy wrappers and walks of shame – but those still seeking their daily dose of spoopiness need look no further than Girt By Fear. Aptly described as “Round The Twist for adults”, the six-part webseries tackles a righteously fucked slate of topics meticulously designed to send us millennials into a spiral of nightmares.

With titles like “Little Sharehouse Of Horrors” and “I Was A Teenage Chogmog”, it should come as no surprise that comedy sits squarely in the centre of what Girt By Fear delivers, though. Its premise is simple yet flawless, following a series of mates (each episode focused on a different one) all gearing up for an Australian-themed Halloween party with… Interesting results.

Girt By Fear is the product of five uni mates (writer/producer Joel Perlgut; director/producers Yiani Andrikidis, David Ma and Madeline Purdy; and producer/publicist Josh Vines) eager to twist what we as consumers have come to know of mainstream horror, with a genuine eye toward the culture behind Australia’s youth.

“As simple as it is, we wanted to make something our friends would want to watch,” says Purdy in an interview with VICE, “so we built our story in our cultural context. Fear is always relevant, but the things we fear in horror films – not so much. We wanted to combine cinematic horror with our own everyday fears, so it was a combination of those that drove the stories. We draw similarities between these things too – we have alien horror in a migrant family, possession via an internet connection, and a girl that fears GMOs confronted with killer organic plants.”

All six episodes are available to stream (for free, too) right fucking now.

Dive into the rabbithole with the first episode of Girt By Fear below!

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