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Fall Out Boy Release Artsy Short Film, ‘Bloom’

Fall Out Boy

After initially teasing it last month, emo legends Fall Out Boy have released their art-driven conceptual short film, Bloom.

“You guys inspire us, so we wanted to do something that was inspiring and uplifting, and hopefully resonates,” said bassist/honourary frontman Pete Wentz in his OG Snapchat. Speaking to DIY Mag, he said the idea behind Bloom is that it’s a “companion piece for a short film”. “It’s about how sometimes you have to crack a pavement before you can bloom, and that the hard shit doesn’t have to break you, it can make you a stronger person”.

The project is, overall, meant to inspire positivity: “Sometimes, you have to actively want to do it – it’s not as though you can wake up one day and it’ll be sunny, sometimes you have to want things to change”, Wentz added.

The last official full-length released by Fall Out Boy was American Beauty/American Psycho, which saw them drop by for an Australian tour last year. The new project is hopefully building up to a follow-up to that, with FOB’s performance at Reading Festival reportedly signifying the end of the era.

Take a peek at Bloom below!

A message from Pete Wentz [all sic]:

growing up the things that informed my life and me the most were experiential. these were the moments that you could live inside. i remember there was a summer where guns n’ roses, terminator 2 and slalom water skiing all met up in my head. it was relentless in the way i thought about them and the way they commingled with each other. i can remember that summer and still in some ways go back and live inside of it because of the way it was so experiential and transformative for me. there is a texture to it. like pop culture was curated by some force that summer for me personally… BLOOM is meant to be an experiential idea- one that started as a conversation between us and bobby hundreds… just an idea. then it became a short film about how you can empower yourself, how falling/failing can make you stronger… but that conversation became bigger and we realized that we could create a film, stage uniforms, stage look, show design, and merchandise and have them all inform each other. so that we could make a moment that would be different than all the moments before it and after it- that you could take with you as a texture. in so many ways it is amazing the dialogue we can have and the art we can create and share with each other now. i love seeing the fan art from tv shows and movies i love… its that conversation that wasn’t truly possible in that summer to me- thats what i appreciate most about now. so if you are reading this, you are part of BLOOM.

sometimes you have to crack the pavement before you can BLOOM.

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