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Australian Premiere: Enter Shikari Go Heavy On Scathing New Tune, “Hoodwinker”

Enter Shikari 2016

Their Australian tour – and last for 2016 before they hit the studio to write their forthcoming fifth album – might have just wrapped up, but Enter Shikari are keeping anything but quiet. Case in point: their crushing new single, “Hoodwinker”.

The cut comes as their first new tune since January’s “Redshift”, and in true Shikari style, is its utter polar opposite. Where the jangly “Redshift” honed in on the foursome’s eye of progressive ethereality, “Hoodwinker” is raw, ravaging and riotous with its chunky leads and acidic roars. It keeps the glisten that last year’s The Mindsweep celebrated, but it also taps into some of the sunny St. Albans energy we haven’t seen from Enter Shikari in a fair while.

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“Every now and then, outside of album releases and their attendant ‘campaigns’, it’s nice to release a song into the wild, out-of-the-blue,” says lead screamy-lord Rou Reynolds. “To bowl it full force at the faces of the general public without prior warning. ‘Hoodwinker’ is the current incoming projectile.

“It is Enter Shikari angrily calling out your God as an imposter. Which I’m afraid he is.

“I know you thought all the others were imposters and yours was in fact the real one, but I’m afraid he is a phoney too. We have clear evidence of false paperwork and forged documents. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Please enjoy this piece of angry music though. I hope its frustration and righteous indignation will go some way to dampening the annoying news.”

Don’t get your hopes up that “Hoodwinker” is a sign of Enter Shikari’s fifth full-length, though – the tune has already been confirmed as a standalone release, to exist in its own little bubble of shred and scream. The band are, however, releasing a new slab of mosh food before the years end – Live At Alexandra Palace will hit shelves on November 11th via Ambush Reality (the band’s own imprint label) and [PIAS].

As for the new jam’s music video, it was shot by the band themselves back in August, employing DIY ethics with an epic vision. It utilises family resources – Rob’s brother and Rou’s uncle, for example – and a couple of their mates that didn’t mind getting a lil’ wet. All in all, it’s a pretty solid fucking watch if we do say so ourselves.

The band have always had an eye for outlandish special effects, so to see them create such a stunning visual with none of them… Yeah. It’s pretty sweet.

Get ya head around the Hoodwinker with a stream of Enter Shikari’s newie below!

Live At Alexandra Palace drops November 11th via Ambush Reality / [PIAS]
Pre-order it: Webstore | iTunes


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