TBIF – Thank Blunt It's Friday #2

By Emily Swanson February 10, 2012

Howdy BLUNT folks!

So we’ve hit that time of week again where you’re either still plodding away at work or just getting home from school. Either way, it’s a drag and chances are, you’re probably bored shitless.

That’s where we come in.
Here’s five finds from the Internet (thanks, YouTube) to brighten up your day.

(Yes, we’re making this a weekly thing)

OK Go – End Love

So we posted the new clip from these guys earlier this week on the Facebook page. You know, the one where OK Go spent four months setting up over 1000 instruments spanning two miles of desert outside of LA and took four days to shoot and record the thing? Yeah. That one. Anywho, if you team that with their clip for ‘End Love’ (and of course ‘Here It Goes Again’ in all of its treadmill-hopping glory), you’ll come to a similar conclusion that we did: OK Go have too much talent and too much time on their hands. It’s just selfish of them to not share it around.

Cedric Has a Baaaaad Day

Heyyy, after a gruelingly long decade, At The Drive-In have reformed! That’s kinda cool. Since we all can’t be lucky enough to trek it to the Californian desert and watch them play at this year’s Coachella Festival in April, why don’t we just watch frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala ‘bahh’ like a sheep and trash his audience for slam dancing instead?

Dallas Does Mamma Yamma

Contrary to popular belief, no, this isn’t a spin-off of Debbie Does Dallas. For those of you who are glad that Dallas Green left Alexisonfire to do bigger and better things, here is him singing a re-worked version of “The Girl” on a CBC kids’ show. Try as we might, we just can’t deny that sweet, sweet voice. For those of you who aren’t glad (oh hey, everyone), enjoy the fact that Dallas now spends his days singing to a talking yam puppet. It’s positively yamtastic!

Ear Poison <--- unfortunately not some hot new band for you to all check out.

Okay, so we’re usually your go-to guys when it comes to what your ears should be tuned into, but without wishing to plug this you all have to hear how awful this cover of System Of A Down’s ‘Chop Suey’ is when “sung” (and we use that word in the loosest sense possible) by Canadian pop rocker Avril Lavigne. Is she still wearing ties out in public? Apologies to your ears in advance.

Shit Band Guys Say

“As soon as I finish my dubstep side project, like I’m totally gonna move out of my girlfriend’s parents’ house”. Yeah, we did show you this earlier this week but in case you missed it: here’s a pile of shit band guys say. These spoofs are all over YouTube right now. For a good time, YouTube “Shit Fat Girls Say”. It’s not offensive if they’re played by dudes in drag.

That’s all for this week! Cats to come. We promise.

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