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Surprisingly, Not Satire: Skrillex Is Opening For Guns N’ Roses

Paul Natkin Archive
Photo by Paul Natkin.

It’s been one thing after another in the dad rock saga of Axl Rose and Guns N’ Roses throughout pretty much the entirety of 2016. Rose seems to be well rejuvenated with the reunion of the classic G’N’R lineup for the first time in years, also taking it upon himself to temporarily replace Brian Johnson as AC/DC’s vocalist.

Now, Axl has dropped an absolute bombshell by announcing that the upcoming US Guns N’ Roses tour has an… Er, unlikely special guest – Skrillex.

The electro house button-presser will join the seminal hard rockers for the Houston stop of their tour taking place on August 5; it’s unknown at this stage if he will be joining the legends throughout the whole tour, which so far includes a frequently-rotating roster of openers including Lenny Kravtiz, Billy Talent, Chris Stapleton and Alice In Chains.

Rumours have been circulating in regards to an Australian tour with the classic Guns N’ Roses lineup for quite some time now, but there has been no official announcement or statement made to confirm anything worth mentioning just yet.

Get really fucking confused over why Skrillex is opening for Guns N’ Roses with “First Of The Year (Equinox)” below!

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