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Joey Jordison Says He Was Fired From Slipknot In An Email; Still Open To Reunion

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Just last week, we came to you with news that ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison had revealed the cause of his 2013 exit from the band as transverse myelitis – a neurological disorder that diminishes electrical conductivity in the central nervous system, caused by an inflammation in the spinal chord. Jordison’s health was in less than tip top shape, but not in the ways that his former shred brothers had assumed.

Speaking exclusively with Metal Hammer, Jordison explained that he was let go from team Slipknot in a “cowardly” email: “No band meeting? None. Anything from management? No, nothing. All I got was a stupid fucking email saying I was out of the band that I busted my ass my whole life to fucking create,” he says. “That’s exactly what happened and it was hurtful. I didn’t deserve that shit after what I’d done and everything I’d been through.”

But of course, not all is callous vitriol in Jordison’s heart – he goes on to elaborate that while he still loves his old mates with whom he banged old crates (not really; his kit was pretty fucking killer), their motives were set out of place.

“They got confused about my health issues and obviously even I didn’t know what it was at first,” he says. “They thought I was fucked up on drugs, which I wasn’t at all. I’ve been through so many things with those guys and I love them very much. What’s hurtful is the way it went down was not fucking right. That’s all I want to say. They way they did it was fucking cowardly. It was fucked up.”

Despite the incident – and exiting at a low point, needing to be carried to the stage during his last shows with Slipknot – Jordison would still be keen to re-enter the fold, should they approach him in person.

“Honestly, I’m not trying to be dramatic, but if that was brought up, what I’d want to do would be to get together,” he continues, making every maggot in the metalsphere tear up with excited joy. “I’d want to see them, just hug it out and feel that energy that we had when we were fucking young and hungry and all that shit. They’re my brothers. We’d hug and talk and do shit like we used to do. We used to sit up all night along planning this shit and what we wanted to do. So that’s how I’d wanna do it. It’d have to be in person. If it happened, that would be f*cking awesome, but only time will tell.”

He also spread some kind words about Slipknot’s 2014 opus, .5: The Gray Chapter: “I think it’s great. It’s fucking cool and I’m glad they moved on. I’m glad they’re carrying on the name, because what’s important is the fans.”

Slipknot are still touring on the back of their first post-Jordison effort, with an Australian tour lined up for this October with Lamb Of God. As for Jordison, the drummer is keeping active with his new band VIMIC – a spiritual successor to his previous (though still post-Slipknot) band Scar The Martyr.

Slipknot / Lamb Of God
Tour Dates

Fri Oct 28th – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
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Sat Oct 29th – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
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Mon Oct 31st – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
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