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FrnkIero Andthe Cellabration Announce Free Acoustic Shows

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Soundwave 2016 is as much a reality as a Kardashian’s talent, but that isn’t stopping New Jersey noise punk Frank Iero from jamming out on our shores. Originally scheduled to drop in at SW16 with his latest project Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration, the musical misfit will instead hit Sydney and Melbourne at the end of this month for two acoustic solo performances, completely free and bundled in with an exclusive pair of signing sessions. Naturally, the internet has imploded with excitement… As have us at BLUNT HQ.

Taking to Instagram to announce the shows, Iero wrote:

“Dear Australian friends, I’m so sorry soundwave 2016 got cancelled. I know you must be super bummed, but believe me, the feeling is mutual! I was really looking forward to getting to play for you all. I mean hell I love Australia… in fact I love it so much I thought fuck it, I’m coming anyway! So I’m bringing my brother Evan, and a couple of guitars and we’re gonna play some songs for you and sign some records and hang out for a few days in whatever places that will let us … because we don’t need a festival ground to make a memory. see you soon. xofrnk”

And thus, Frank and Evan Iero have been crowned Australia’s most prestigious honour – the status of fucking legends. They’ll be playing cuts from Iero’s debut solo record Stomachaches, which celebrates its second anniversary in 2016. A new album is rumoured to hit sometime during the year, with a theatre tour no doubt following shortly thereafter.

Start learning the lyrics to Frnkiero’s discography with “joyriding” below!

Frnkiero Andthe Cellabration
Acoustic Tour Dates

Thu Jan 28 – Utopia Records, Sydney (AA)

Fri Jan 29 – Eureka Rebellion, Melbourne (AA)


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