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Crowd Starts Fire, Moshes Around It During A Bullet For My Valentine Gig

Bullet For My Valentine

Setting: Soundwave 2013, Sydney – Stage 3. Scene: Bring Me The Horizon take to the stage and begin performing “Shadow Moses”, the video for which featuring prominent use of a flare. Some dickhead thinks it’s a good idea to smuggle his own flare into the crowd, lights it, realises what a fucking idiot he is, and throws it onto the stage. The tarp erupts in flames, sending molten plastic into the crowd and Oli Sykes into a lecturing rant.

But, as fucked/iconic as that moment was, it turns out there is a way you can make flares look cool in the crowd: by moshing around them. A mind-blowing Bullet For My Valentine gig in Saint Petersburg, Russia has taken pit insanity to a whole new level when the crowd was seen moshing around a makeshift fire, in a moment that was pretty fucking dangerous, but looked super fucking sweet nonetheless.

Footage of the flare fire displays a group of Bullet fans light a couple of flares just as the Welsh legends launch into their song “Worthless”, before an even larger group starts a circle pit around the makeshift bonfire.

“We didn’t need to bring pyro for this show as the crowd brought there own,” the band posted on Instagram. “Mental. (P.S this is very dangerous and as awesome as it looks please don’t bring flares to shows as it could have ended up pretty bad).”

Bullet For My Valentine are set to embark on their much anticipated Australian tour this October, with six shows lined up around the country.

Catch footage of Bullet’s Saint Petersburg flare fire below.

Bullet For My Valentine / Atreyu / Cane Hill

Tour Dates

Thu Oct 20th – Metro City, Perth (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Fri Oct 21st – HQ, Adelaide (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Tue Oct 25th – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Thu Oct 27th – Big Top, Sydney (Lic A/A)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

Fri Oct 28th – Eatons Hill, Brisbane (Lic A/A)
Tix: destroyalllines.com

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