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Crossfaith: Smells Like Sushi


Photos by Sandra Markovic.

Sun-dried tomatoes? Schnitzel? Melted cheese?! Our favourite jägercore mob Crossfaith grab some chopsticks and sample some of the more typically Aussie sushi options on offer. 

Alright, we’ll admit it: BLUNT totally played to cultural stereotypes on this one. Ever wondered what happens backstage at a Soundwave tour? To remind the boys in Crossfaith of home and show them a good time while they were here for the mammoth Bring Me The Horizon headline tour, we conducted our own game of “Rate The Most Westernised (see:  “bogan”) Sushi That BLUNT Could Find”. Needless to say, Kenta, Hiro, Kazu, Tatsu and Teru sampled some weird and wonderful flavours that were an untraditional and quite possibly blasphemous take on one of Japan’s most recognisable dishes.

Here are six things we learned:

1. Bassist Hiro Ikegawa used to be a sushi chef and is a metal ninja who has no qualms about swallowing a walnut-sized amount of wasabi like an absolute boss. Our throats burned just watching him.

2. Sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese make a compelling case for unconventional yet delicious sushi ingredients.

3. Jägermeister is not an appropriate substitute for a soy dipping sauce, but will get the job done with drunken results.

4. If at all possible, Jack Daniel should not be poured into a wine glass, filled with prawn and avocado sushi, and taken like a shot. “It’s too much! It’s too much!” cried Hiro.

5. Baked prawn with sweet potato and melted mozzarella cheese is a surprising winner of a combination. “I fucking love this!” – Kenta Koie.

6. Crossfaith are truly excellent sports when it comes to indulging our wacky ideas.

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