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What Are Bring Me The Horizon Up To?

bring me the horizon

Keen-eyed Bring Me The Horizon fans may have noticed a recurring umbrella logo that’s shown up as both a tattoo and poster on the band members’ various Instagrams. The band hasn’t specified what this mysterious symbol means, but if they’re all getting tattoos of it there must be something big going on here. Could this be a hint that there’s a new album on the way? Maybe they’re just really spreading umbrella awareness?

Be sure check for any future sightings under umbrella emoji hashtag (because that’s something you can do now, apparently?). Who knows where the next umbrella will show up? Hell, it could even be in the next issue of Blunt…

Seen one? #☔️ if you do

A photo posted by Oliver Sykes (@olobersykes) on


Collins on the prowl A photo posted by Oliver Sykes (@olobersykes) on

So come rain on my parade

A photo posted by Oliver Sykes (@olobersykes) on


A photo posted by leemalia (@leemalia) on

Saw this outside my house….. Weird…..

A photo posted by Matt (@matt__kean) on


☔️ A photo posted by Hannah Pixie Snowdon (@hannahpixiesnow) on


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