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Ultimate ’90s Jams With… The UnFun ’15 Line-Up


Ever since UnFun Festival announced its line-up for 2015, we’ve had ’90s nostalgia on the brain. Especially when they mentioned that there’d be a dedicated Mario Kart 64 arena (game on, motherfuckers!). The boutique festival is celebrating its third year, with the event kicking off this Saturday November 28 at The Factory in Sydney. A 15-strong line-up will bring the noise to two separate stages, with an acoustic busking stage offering some chill vibes in between. Head honcho Dan Nascimento recently explained to us how it all came together, and now we’ve gotten a bunch of bands from the line-up to tell us their favourite ’90s jams. Regardless of your listening habits, we’re betting this is the only playlist you’ll hear today where Frenzal Rhomb sit alongside the Goosebumps TV theme. Final shout-out to Dear Seattle for picking Baby Bash’s R&B hit “Suga Suga” from 2003.

Listen to the full UnFun ’90s playlist on Spotify.

Grenadiers → Frenzal Rhomb – “Racist”

So much ’90s music was obsessed with itself; posturing wank hoping to surf the last of the receding grunge wave. Frenzal Rhomb were such a perfect contrast to all of that – a drunk larrikin waving a middle finger at the uptight rubbish of the day; just some Sydney boys having loose fun and still managing to have something to say (not to mention being a tight as fuck band) through all the nonsense.

Perspectives → “Goosebumps Theme Song”

Because it’s the best show ever made and the song is legit tight as fuck.

Vices → Counting Crows – “Mr. Jones”

The song is self explanatory. There is no need to create hype for one of the world’s most perfect songs.

High Time → Sublime – “40 Oz To Freedom”

There’s never been a time where I’ve heard this song and not instantly started boppin’ around and singing along. It makes everything better the moment it comes out the speakers. You can chill to it, dance to it, party to it, jump on tables and kick over beer bottles to it, and you can bring your housemates to breaking point after the 20th spin for the week!

Staunch → Hum – “Stars”

No need for a reasoning on this one, the song speaks for itself.

Dear Seattle → Baby Bash – “Suga Suga”

Because it is the best song that has ever come into existence, and we hope to get to the level where it’s acceptable to wear a white bucket hat over a do-rag.

Coffin → Turbonegro – “Denim Demon”

What’s not to love about Turbonegro? They blur the genre line with splashes of glam, punk and rock all cemented and delivered with that Norwegian punk attitude. “Denim Demon” is just one of those songs that gets you pumped up no matter where you hear it, and it has all the trademark stylings of a Turbonegro track with a simple but memorable intro riff from Euroboy.

Our Past Days → The Beastie Boys – “Sabotage” + Blink-182 – “Apple Shampoo”

Growing up as the youngest in my family, my older sister used to blare awesome bands all the time, and The Beastie Boys were no exception. This song rules! Thanks big sis. Dude Ranch has to be one of our favourite Blink albums as well and it’s tough to pick a top song on it, but “Apple Shampoo” is always first to go on, so I’d say that makes it our favourite. Special mentions also go to Semisonic for “Closing Time” – there’s no part of that song that doesn’t get suck in your head for days, and Foo Fighters’ “Everlong”. Tell us a reason you don’t like this song?

Amends → Ben Folds Five – “Brick”

We’ve all been massive fans of Ben Folds for as long as we’ve known each other. As we’re all phenomenal musicians we understand the complexities of juxtaposition through lyric and music that Folds uses whilst creating his songs, especially in “Brick”. We understand this technique, as we also like to juxtapose and shit. Ben Folds is sad and knows how to express that perfectly.

Rooftops → Silverchair – “Freak”

Silverchair are a massive influence on us and we used to cover this song in an old band when we were about 12 years old.

Rumours → The Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight, Tonight”

Because it’s just the best fucking song ever.

Lapse → Sonic Youth – “Kool Thing”

It’s the first single from their 1990 release Goo and it embodies all the great parts of the ’90s. The song experiments in a way that makes you want to dance and has a huge hand in why Lapse are a band in the first place. Four minutes of screeching guitars and sonically pleasing sound. The fact that they have a blend of male and female band members is relatable for Lapse as well, so they were easily the most fitting choice.

UnFun ’15

Sat Nov 28th – The Factory & Fusebox, Sydney (18+)
Tix: factorytheatre.com.au

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