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Tonight Alive Capture Carefree Summer Vibes With New Video For “Drive”

Tonight Alive Drive

As a lifelong slave to Sydney’s public transport system, we can tell you right now that daily bus journeys would have improved tenfold had the Tonight Alive gang been on board and not a couple of blokes whose dialogue had been ripped straight out of a Damo and Darren clip.

The Sydney band have today released a fun new clip for their single “Drive” that’s as bubbly as the track itself, featuring Jenna McDougall and the boys riding around on a vintage bus and more or less having the time of their lives.

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“‘Drive’ is a rebel’s song about learning to say no,” McDougall says. “The lyrics reflect on learned behaviours from obeying and conforming, to the unassuming use of manners despite your own discomfort. This is the theme song to reclaiming your right of choice in lifestyle and personal expression.”

Whilst we’re here, it would be criminal to overlook the band’s recent acoustic cover of Killing Heidi’s “Weir”, which Jenna absolutely nails. Nearly 17 years on and that song still rules.

Have a watch of Tonight Alive’s clip for “Drive” below.

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