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Tom DeLonge Is “Totally Willing and Interested” In Returning To Blink-182


Angels & Airwaves frontman and former Blink-182 shredder Tom DeLonge once swore that he had made contact with aliens and was involved in various conspiracy theories. “I’ve been involved in this for a long time. I have sources from the government. I’ve had my phone tapped,” he not-so-covertly enthused. That offbeat interview with Paper Magazine came smack bang in the middle of this year’s infamous shitstorm between DeLonge and his ex-bandmates, during which tensions arose as bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker slammed DeLonge for his piss-poor work ethic.

Despite having been fired from Blink-182 and since replaced by Matt Skiba (whom Hoppus and Barker have gushed praise towards), DeLonge isn’t giving up hope that he might one day return to the project that gave him a voice to begin with. “I’m totally willing and interested in playing with those guys again,” the axe-wielder says in an interview with Billboard. “People ask me every single day, ‘Go back, go back, go back.’ And I tell people I haven’t forgotten anything and I’m grateful for that band and for those guys in my life. And I think about that band every single day of my life — sometimes multiple times a day. I love those guys and I love the band and, yeah, in the future let’s play together and figure it out or whatever. We just need time apart because we all want different things at this time. Those guys want to play the music and tour all the time, but I’m involved in some very big shit and some very important stuff.”

DeLonge’s current project is a continuation of his Poet Anderson sci-fi saga, a novel co-written with author Suzanne Young titled Poet Anderson…Of Nightmares (dropping October 6th), with a companion EP to precede on September 4th. “What I’m doing now is the absolute focus and at the core of what I want to do artistically,” he elaborates. “I’ve got to get these things finished before I can go back and celebrate something I did a long time ago, if that makes sense.”

When asked for his thoughts on the current state of Blink-182, DeLonge insists that while he’s “disappointed” in the way Hoppus and Barker have spoken about him following his departure, he isn’t bothered by Skiba taking his place. “I don’t mind anything. I want people to be happy,” he says. “Myself and those guys together were a very specific thing. If they want to go off and play the songs I wrote because that’s what they want to do and that makes them happy and they want to make a living, that’s cool. It’s not like it makes me extraordinarily jealous and I feel like I have to be on stage with them. I’m not wired that way. It wouldn’t have bothered me if they called me up and said, ‘Hey, if you’re really busy do you mind if we go out and do some of these things?’ I would’ve said, ‘Hell yeah, go for it.’ But it just never went down that way.”

The new statements from DeLonge come with great timing. Earlier today, Hoppus quietly revealed over Twitter that Blink-182 are in the studio, likely working on material for their impending seventh full-length.

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