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Tiger Snake Found Vibing Under The Stage At UNIFY Gathering


You’ve heard about snakes on a plane but what about snakes at a festival? At the second – and sold out – annual UNIFY Gathering over the weekend, South Gippsland snake removalists had to be called in to take care of a tiger snake that had made its way backstage. The bastard didn’t even have an AAA pass.

As we were heading to the media tent to catch some much-needed shade before Dream On Dreamer’s set, we ran into a crowd of people surrounding the ramp leading up to the festival stage. After casually asking an official what the go was, he said that they’d found a tiger snake chilling under the stage. Can we get a “STRAYA!”?

Whether he was trying to escape the dust bowl that had taken over the festival or just looking to cement a prime position for Parkway’s set, it was no doubt a terrifying ordeal for the slithering critter and officials kept a watchful eye on the snake until professionals arrived on the scene to scoop him up and release him in a much quieter location. We even heard that Crafter himself was trying to catch it, because of course he was.

Watch the video below to see South Gippsland/Bass Coast Snake Removal swiftly retrieve the tiger snake.

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