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The Ghost Inside Drummer Confirms Loss Of Leg; Vows To Keep Playing


Sad news has come from The Ghost Inside camp today as drummer Andrew Tkaczyk reveals the full extent of the injuries he sustained from the band’s tragic bus accident in El Paso, Texas on November 19 last year.

In the midst of a regional US tour, the band’s tour bus collided with a semi-trailer which resulted in the deaths of both drivers. If that weren’t horrible enough, The Ghost Inside’s members and crew were taken to hospital for their injuries and forced to withdraw from their scheduled Big Ass Tour dates alongside The Amity Affliction, A Day To Remember and Motionless In White.

In a heart-breaking Instagram post, Tkaczyk recounted how he woke up from a 10-day coma to find out that his right leg had been amputated at the knee. Despite the shocking news, particularly devastating given his chosen instrument, he has vowed that he will play drums again and stated that he “can’t wait to get back on the kit”.

That’s the kind of positive thinking we like to see in the wake of a tragedy and if you’d like to donate to the recovery fund for Tkaczyk plus his band and crew, you can do so right here.

Remember the USA doesn’t exactly have the kind of health system we do here in Australia, so they’re likely to have a lifetime of bills to conquer resulting from the accident – dig deep if you can.



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