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Taylor Swift Once Saved Dave Grohl When He Was High At Paul McCartney’s Party

USA - Music - Voodoo Music Experience 2014 - Day Three

Ex-Nirvana drummer and current Fooies frontman Dave Grohl had a lot to be thankful for when pop sensation Taylor Swift saved his ass when he was “super high” at a party at the house of Beatles legend, Sir. Paul McCartney back in the day.

Grohl told the story while on stage at France’s Cannes Lions festival on Wednesday night in light of the Foo Fighters’ extremely successful single “Best Of You”. While telling his story, Grohl goes into detail of how he avoided the uncomfortable situation after McCartney performed a song at the party and encouraged Grohl to get up to do his thang but caused him to have a freak-out instead – apparently due to McCartney only having a piano and a bunch of left-handed guitars.

“It was kind of like one of those nightmares where you’re running backwards and always late for whatever you got to go to,” Grohl says. “All of a sudden, Taylor Swift stands up, and she’s like, ‘I’ll play a song,’” he adds, before comparing the pop superstar to Batman. Grohl stated that it took him a little while to realise what Swift was playing (he had a little too much pot), but once he did, he jumped on the guitar and jammed the fuck out with Queen Tay-Tay. “As if I weren’t high enough, that fucking blew me into outer space,” he says.

I guess Grohl and T.Swizzle aint’ got no bad blood. Hear that, Katy?

Watch Dave tell the story of how Taylor Swift saved his stoner ass below!

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