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Straight Outta Somewhere


As part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, you can now make your own faux-rap album cover. Or, you can do what everyone else on the internet is doing and try your hand at what is now the internet’s newest meme.

Never change, internet, never change.


#StraightOutta Underwear

A photo posted by MeUndies (@meundies) on


A crazy white girl named tyszal


A photo posted by Tyler Szalkowski (@tyszal) on

NO FUCKS LEFT TO GIVE A photo posted by Lord Zilla (@fronz1lla) on

Madden Bros. – Straight Outta Sydney

A photo posted by Joel Madden (@joelmadden) on

Hahahaha #motherzday *fun fact: I broke my mom’s pelvis on the way out when I was born ? A photo posted by Garret Rapp (@garretrapp) on

Straight outta Paris dog! #frenchieswithattitude

A photo posted by Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (@chunknocaptainchunk) on


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