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Storm The Sky Kick It Old School; Alert Fans Of Member Change Via Snail Mail

Storm The Sky

Those of you who’ve put in the hard yards and been longtime supporters of Melbourne metalcore band Storm The Sky might have received a special delivery from the postie in the last week or so.

In what’s ultimately some sad news for fans of the sextet, screamer Daniel “Breenie” Breen has announced that he’s leaving the band in a very unique way – a hand-typed letter mailed out to the band’s core fanbase.

“This is by no means the end of Storm The Sky,” Breen urges to those lucky enough to find themselves on the band’s mailing list, “and I do ask that you all will continue to enjoy the music my buddies will produce.”

Storm The Sky letter

That music seems to have come sooner rather than later with the letter also pointing to a message from the band on the Storm The Sky website, which sneakily leads to a sparse, sky blue page with a very quietly uploaded Soundcloud stream. Yep, not only have Storm The Sky used the equivalent of smoke signals in 2016 to alert their fans to a line-up change, but they’ve also been able to reveal their latest single, “S.W.F.Y”.

“S.W.F.Y” settles in as the first track lifted from the band’s forthcoming album and shows them moving in a more melodic direction than their 2015 debut, Permanence. Currently in the midst of the Homecoming tour with love-’em-or-hate-’em pop rockers Short Stack, the boys look set to tour heavily this year in support of their new material.

So there you have it, folks. Storm The Sky have quite possibly given everyone the best reason to properly fill out their postal details when signing up to band mailouts.

Listen to Storm The Sky’s new single “S.W.F.Y” now.

Storm The Sky


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