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Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch This New Suicide Squad Trailer


Well, we’re officially entering the era of pseudo-edgy (a fair bit of emphasis on the ‘pseudo’ there) superhero movies. Arguably the most hotly anticipated of the probably-going-to-be-rated-M-anyways bunch is Nu-Metal: The Movie Suicide Squad, the David Ayer-directed ensemble flick that has pretty much everybody and their dog talking – mostly because of Jared Leto’s very intriguing take on The Joker… And, y’know, the subsequent super-cringe that’s come of his and his peers’ “method acting” spiels.

Almost six-and-a-half months ahead of its August 4th release date, Warner Bros. have dropped the first full theatrical trailer for the flick; it’s a green-band affair, so its “gritty” tone looks a little out of place amongst the overwhelming cleanness of the trailer’s content. It’s nowhere near as jarring as that font and colour scheme, however, which looks a bit more in line with our eighth grade emo phases than a striking hit of intimidation.

All jokes aside, the trailer looks pretty sweet. If nothing else, Suicide Squad is poised to be a fantastic excuse for us to chow down on popcorn and forget about the world for an hour ‘n’ forty-six. Plus, any film trailer that can legitimately pull off using Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as its soundtrack is a winner in our books!

Watch the first full trailer for Suicide Squad below!

Suicide Squad is in cinemas August 4th via Warner Bros.


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