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Smash Mouth Are A Living Meme; Argue With Fans Over Shrek


Of all the early-’00s culture that the internet has embraced for its cringe-inducing timelessness, no two pieces have been cherished as lovingly as San Jose dad-rockers Smash Mouth and the iconic 2001 film Shrek.

For those who’ve steered clear of Tumblr over the years, lived their early ’00s under a rock, or just had a shitty childhood, Smash Mouth have two songs featured in the Dreamworks classic – “All Star” and a cover of The Monkee’s “I’m A Believer”. Thanks in no short part to our ogre overlord (ogrelord), both tracks stand as the band’s biggest – and, really, only – hits.

A fact that the band themselves are none too proud of, considering they had a bite at fans over Twitter when their past ties to the CGI prodigy were raised.

In the blowback from a tweet chewing out LaBron James, people started pointing out that the Smashies’ only notable tunes were in a kids’ movie about a living green onion – the counter-argument was raised that they did in fact have a #1 single before the release of Shrek, which is true, yeah, but it’s also irrelevant now that nobody knows Smash Mouth for anything other than Shrek.

Check out the tweets below, and then LOL over frontman Steve Harwell losing his shit when he gets pelted with bread at a festival.

Relive a “classic” with Smash Mouth’s only notable hit below!

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