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Review: letlive. – If I’m The Devil…


If I’m The Devil…


Without sounding like a broken record, letlive.’s Fake History is a masterpiece in modern post-hardcore – and no doubt what put the Los Angeles band on everyone’s radar. It’s letlive.’s high-energy, maniacal outburst-prone frontman, Jason Butler and uniquely stylized guitarist Jeff Sahyoun, bassist Ryan Johnson and drummer Loniel Robinson that made the whole world fall in love with the infectious, in your face soul punx that is letlive. Songs like “Muther” and “Day 54” still stand as some of the most recognisable and unarguably passionate songs the genre has to offer, and with the successful follow-up album The Blackest Beautiful keeping loyal fans happy, sights were set high for LP #3, If I’m The Devil… 

The much-anticipated album was expected to be more aggressive, more powerful and more empowering – basically amplifying all that there was to love about Fake History and The Blackest Beautiful. Although, it seems letlive. had other plans for their audience.

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This 11-track LP playing home to a mixed composition of spiritually engaging tracks has taken letlive. in a new direction, and has shown their growing fanbase that hardcore isn’t necessarily always the intense visible product that’s often seen in the scene today. Tracks like “A Weak Ago”, “Nu Romantics”, “Good Mourning America”, “Elephant” and “Another Offensive Song” play tribute to the soulful thrash letlive. have bought to life time and time again, and allow for slower, more awakening tracks like “Foreign Cab Rides”, “I’ve Learned To love Myself”, “Who You Are Not”, “Reluctantly Dead”, “Copper Coloured Quiet” and “If I’m The Devil” to shine through.

Taking a step back from the typical hardcore aesthetic, letlive. have pushed through the internal struggle of differences within the bands vision to create an incredibly ethereal album thanks to the form of self-discovery the band has embraced both on and off stage throughout the writing and recording process. The new melodic and heartfelt identity will please a vast range of their audience and allow themselves to branch out into a new fanbase and spread their message.

All in all, If I’m The Devil… has presented itself to be a dynamic record that challenges the genre, and who letlive. is in all it’s entity, while detailing the controversial aspects of a culture storming America that’s contributed to the foreground of the bands individuality. It has allowed letlive. to express themselves in a way they had never had the opportunity to do so before, and as a result, learn to let live.

If I’m The Devil… is out now via Epitaph
Grab a copy: JB-HiFi | Webstore | iTunes


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